The 14-seater lodge is located in the Maasai Mara Game reserve. Photo: Kenneth Kwama/Standard

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Friday marked a very special day for a particular group of women. These are the women who have undergone the female genital mutilation. It was the International Day of Zero tolerance to FGM. It was the day that the world put aside to highlight the fight against a practice that has taken religious and cultural dimension to inhibit a woman’s reproductive and sexual health rights.

Dan Okoth
Group Senior Editor – Online

By Kipkirui K’Telwa
Sub-Editor, Online Edition

By Rose Nzioka
Standard Group Online Editor

By Stephen Ndegwa
Sub – Editor, The Standard
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From playing fields to hospital wards
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Yes we can change our country, leaders say as conference begins
Moi identifies three key man-made evils pulling us back
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‘Kenya We Want’ conference kicks off
Tribunal debate hits a bumpy stretch in Parliament
2,200 seek interim electoral commission jobs
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State proposes mass burial for victims
Boy, 11, searches for his missing father
Water fuelled Nakumatt inferno, says expert
Government spends Sh700m to buy PM office
Minister raises alarm over hospitals’ capacity
Shame of second fire disaster within days
Man started fire after arguing with police
26 bodies recovered from Nakumatt, 11 identified
Raila: I asked Annan to extend Waki deadline
Form One selection chaos blamed on new districts
Raila office, KAA in row over audit report
Over 100 dead in Nakuru oil tanker accident