Kip’s take on football

Published on 05/02/2009

By Bismarck Mutahi

Kipchoge Keino says the impasse in the local football administration can only be resolved if the two warring parties were honest.

The chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (Nock) says the mandate of officials in any office is to serve the interests of players under them and not their own.

Kipchoge Keino (in suit) with members of the national athletics team during training at Nyayo National Stadium last year.


Referring to the Kenya Football Federation (KFF) and the Football Kenya Limited (FKL) Keino said: “These officials should realise their continued in-fighting is hurting players and they are the problem that has dogged local football for a long time.

They need to sit down and find a lasting solution quickly,” Keino said.

Speaking to FeverPitch from Eldoret on phone, Keino said the important thing now is for the two factions to work together if local football was to improve.

The problem

The Nock boss said it was only football officials who can find a solution to the problem; they don’t need anybody from outside to help them sort out their mess.

He said the Government, through the Sports Minister, or Nock could only help once the football officials acknowledge they had a problem, and were willing to solve it.

“The minister cannot do much unless these officials agree to have a round-table discussion to sort out the mess in local football,” Keino said when asked if the Government should step in.

He, however, said Nock was ready to arbitrate in the football wrangles, but only if they were approached by the warring parties.

Keino, who chaired the KFF Normalisation Committee in 2004, said the two parties should be thinking of improving standards of local football instead of politicking.

“We have talent in abundance hence football officials should be nurturing the youth, not fighting to be in charge of the game.

“We are dividing the country by having two sets of officials running football. That should stop if we are to move forward,” Keino said.

The wrangles in local football have been intensifying by the day with the latest differences revolving around the national team, Harambee Stars.

World football

FKL, which is recognised by the world football governing body Fifa, recently sacked the national team coach Francis Kimanzi, while the registered KFF came out strongly to condemn the move.

Last year, FKL was formed to run football under the leadership of Mohammed Hatimy, Titus Kasuve and Erastus Okul as directors of the limited company.

The move angered the KFF group led by Sam Nyamweya, who said FKL was not registered under the Registrar of Societies Act and therefore had no mandate to run football.

KFF held their elections last month signifying the fight for control of local football seems endless.

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