Why your screen hangs after a call

Published on 05/01/2009

By Eliud Wanyo

My Motorola V300 screen hangs whenever a call ends. Could it be the SIM, or is it the problem the network service provider? How can I fix it? Thomas Kipkorir, Malindi

via e-mail.

Thomas, you have got it all wrong. The problem appears to exhibit itself prominently whenever the phone is so busy.

SIM card faults are usually associated with network problems, but if the screen hangs mostly after voice calls, then the network is working properly, meaning that the SIM is fine.

The service network provider faults only show their weaknesses through the network, which affects things like voice clarity in voice and multimedia messaging.

What you need to do is to check the memory of your handset to see if the storage capacity is too low.

The phone or communication of the phone needs enough memory to communicate with the service provider.

Check out the space of your memory, reduce the downloaded data first, and if the problem persists, then seek the technician’s assistance.

The users, who download materials that are too big for the memory of their phones, cause most frozen screen problems.


I have a Chinese-made K630i series GSM/GPRS dual SIM phone. Whenever I make a call, I only hear echoing sounds. I spent a lot of money on it. What went wrong?

Moses Lukorito, Lokichoggio

via e-mail.

There is a solution to your problem; it could be simple or complicated. For one, it depends on who uses the phone, because not all phones that come from China are defective. In fact, many of them are better than some of the well-known brands.

This problem has two causes: the network, and the speaker of the phone, typically known as the “mouthpiece”.

If the network coverage on the other end is so bad, the result will be almost as you are describing, especially in a low or hilly area, but you should establish whether this has been happening whenever you call a particular individual.

If everyone you call is affected, then the problem is down to one particular accessory. I believe the affected item is the speaker that has taken in water.

This can be solved, either by a replacement, or through drying using hot air like that from a blow dryer. This also depends on how much water has been taken in.

Lastly, I would like to remind all readers not to dismiss a phone, just because it is of a particular origin. Most of the mobile phones that fail to work do so, not because they are not well made, but mostly because or the way we handle them.

—The writer ([email protected]) is an electronics technician.

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