Help, my phone cannot charge properly!

Published on 23/11/2008

Eliud Wanyo

My Razor V3 will power up, make and receive calls but the screen has turned dark in colour like its filled with ink. I can’t see a thing. It did not fall, it just suddenly happened. Should I buy a new screen?

— George, Nyeri

This is a case of a spoilt screen casued by either foreign material or impact. Dust and moisture which have accumulated on the screen may block the transfer of electronic signals.

This ends up as a full dark screen instead of a normal one.

Also, your phone might have hit a hard surface causing the dark colour on the screen.

Once this happens, the only remedy is a new screen.

I would advice you to purchse a new screen from genuine dealers of your phone type only.

But you must understand that screens in the market are not as of great quality as the screen your phone’s original screen.

Infact, I have never come across a quality screen at the shops. Whoever will do the replacement will need a lot of explaining to do for you to be convinced and accept it.

My phone cannot charge anywhere in my house. I have tried all power sockets in the house but to no avail. Please advice me on what to do, I am tired of charging from people’s houses.

Frustrated, Kisumu

Firstly, check with your electrician if your phone is working well. If yes, the problem could be in your power sockets.

Have them changed.

They are either counterfeits or too old to make contact with you charger, since the charger has small pins than most of electronic items.

If this is your house, I will advice you to change the socket, there are so many fake electrical accessories in shops out there.

Some houses for sell are fitted with substabdard electrical devices,. Some unscrupulous landlords will do that to make more profit, so they go for cheap options of using inexpensive electrical accessories.

Remember to buy original and genuine power devices.

Cases of fake goods are rampant in our country, unless you know exactly how to differentiate the fake from the genuine ones I will advice you to purchase such devices from trusted dealers only.

There you will even be offered technical advice and warranty.

I have a brand new Siemens phone given to me by a friend which when I try to charge, shuts down. This really frustrates me, what could be the problem?

Alice, Nairobi

This simply tells you that there is something wrong with your phone charging system.

The charger has the ratings that are clearly marked out.

The required current and voltage are indicated at the back of the phone under a battery.

If this does not tally with the charger, the phone will not charge.

Your phone manual insists on the use of a charger of the same current ratings as the phone.

As you insert the charger into the phone, the phone system will check the current and the voltage of the charger against its system ratings.

If they are incompatible, the phone system simply shuts down the charging process, unless they compliment each other.

Before buying the charger check for the ratings under the battery and use them when looking for a charger.

—The writer is an electronics technician. [email protected]

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