Kenyan student tops international ICT exam

Published on 09/11/2008

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in the country may not be well developed but this has not been a hindrance to emerging success stories.

Last week, a young Kenyan student was recognised for sterling performance, beating millions of other students from across the world and emerge tops in ICT in O level examinations administered by an internationally recognised examining body, Edexcel International, London.

Manish Praful Ranpara was named the joint highest performer in the world in ICT by Edexcel, during the sixth annual high achievers Kenya award ceremony held last week in Nairobi.

More than nine million students from 110 countries, including the UK, US and Canada, sat the May/June examinations. Other than the certificate of excellence that Manish got from the examining body, he also got a medallion, a rare fete reserved for the best performers, in recognition the exceptional performance.

“I am happy and will strive to work even harder,” said the 17-year student who attended Oshwal Junior School in Nairobi for his O levels.

Manish has specialised in science subjects at the Oshwal Senior School where he started his A-levels in September this year and wants to pursue Medicine at the university.


He, however, contends that ICT cannot be divorced from any line of work.

“The medical field is fully integrated with computers and so are other fields. In as much as am looking forward to pursue medicine, I know that I have to further my knowledge in ICT,” he said.

Manish hopes the Government can fully integrate ICT into the education system and equip Kenyan youth with necessary skills early enough to be able to be competitive in the global economy that is slowly converging on the Internet.

“Technology is changing fast and the only to keep up with the world is introduce it to students early so they have the knowledge,” he said.

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