Pastor’s horrifying encounter with prostitute

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By Kahindi Charo

Until last month, Pastor Abraham believed that his daughter was a third year Marketing student at a university in Nairobi.

But when Zena failed to return home in Eldoret for the December holidays, he set out to look for her and stumbled upon the information that his daughter was a commercial sex worker in the city.

The bearer of the sad tidings was a brother-in-Christ who operates a taxi business in Nairobi. He had on several occasions, while dropping clients, seen a scantily dressed Zena wooing men on Koinange Street.

“A call to the university confirmed that she had been dismissed from college for misconduct,” revealed the pastor. The shock was too much for the religious family.

Trip to the city

“My wife wouldn’t eat nor drink and it was hard for us to accept the truth,” he said.

The father decided to travel to Nairobi and find out for himself the truth about his daughter.

In Nairobi, posing as a client he asked the taxi man to ferry him to Koinange Street at around 9.30pm where they stopped next to a group of girls openly displaying their nakedness.

As earlier planned, the taxi driver was to alight and pretend to be on an errand for his lecherous boss leaving the pastor in the car. He would then pick Zena and drive back with her.

Dressed in a red top with a naked back and a short jeans skirt, she easily stood out. In her hand, she held a cigarette, and her eyes suggested that she had spent many sleepless nights.

“What stood before me was in fact a shadow of my daughter,” the pastor says.

He watched them talk and Zena threw her hands in the air as if rejecting something but when the man revealed more money from his pocket, she readily agreed and followed him.

She took the seat next to the driver unaware of her dad’s presence in the back seat. They drove in silence to a guesthouse in River Road where the taxi man and Zena were to alight for the booked room as earlier planned. After some minutes, the pastor followed them maintaining a safe distance.

Caught red-handed

As agreed, the door to the room was not bolted and when he opened it, Pastor Abraham found his daughter in a compromising position with the taxi man who looked drowsy. She was so engrossed that she never heard the door open.

Dumbfounded, the man of God saw his daughter struggling with the taxi man’s trousers. He had seen enough and with one blow to the back he sent the girl to the ground.

Turning to the taxi man, he realised that the man was in deep sleep.

In boiling fury, the daughter made to fight back but her hand hung in mid-air when she saw who stood before her. Rubbing her eyes as if to clear mist, she was stripped of the hangover and made to cover her naked breasts.

“Zena, is this what I sent you to do in Nairobi? What have you lacked from us?” the father cried drawing the attention of other guests in the facility. Unable to bear the anguish, Zena passed out.

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