Dedication to my true friend

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By Mwonga Alex

One normal day as I coursed through life as usual, a stranger happened into my life. I encountered the stranger by chance and little did I know that she would change my life and the way I lived forever. Yes, she was a woman. A beautiful, elegant, intelligent and witty woman with a strong character and formidable personality, as I would later find out. Of course we hit it off on the spot as only strangers would — reservations and all as we antagonised and nettled one another with the amicable aloofness of unfamiliarity.

Nonetheless, as fate would have it, we were destined to cross paths all the more as we were confined to the same abode.

As we strove through the cordiality and formality of becoming familiar strangers, the contagiousness of proximity set in and soon we were not only talking but having conversations as well. With it came the laughter and the sharing as we charted the newly found waters of a blossoming friendship. What an exciting time that was as we opened up to one another and got to discover and know one another as the bond of togetherness grew even stronger. It seemed as if our fates were intertwined as we travailed the path of destiny side by side.

We encouraged and urged each other on to the greatest achievements and successes of our lives even as we buffered and supported each other during the lowest and most solemn moments of our lives. With love, affection, hope and care, we have surmounted numerous heartbreaks and depressions perpetuated by circumstances and situations which have encumbered our individual and personal lives at every level. Many a times we have drenched one another’s shoulders as we lamented on issues that touched our emotions and sensibilities, consoling each other with kind words to soothe our wounded psyche and souls.

Now further along the relationship, we have progressed in attitude and fortitude. We have overcome our simple-mindedness and prejudices and understood the fact that we are similar in our differences. We have remained true to our own genuine selves, never once discriminating or pointing fingers since we all acknowledge and accept our shortcomings and in so doing learnt to compromise and tolerate the flaws that are composite with human nature. We have learnt how to inspire and motivate one another towards positive progress and development in both the personal and public lives.


Now that this relationship has come of age, we live life with unfettered enthusiasm and potential; never chiding or belittling the efforts aimed at bettering our lives but instead, upgrading one another’s input with sound logic, common sense and a bite of reality it entails. Through all the impossibilities and possibilities alike, the dreams and the visions, the self revelations and realisations; we have stood by each other, influencing one another in strength, character, outstanding morals and pragmatic principles in the transformation of both our lives and our persons. We have kept vigil on the well being and welfare of this friendship by abiding to the philosophy that we all need each other in this life. That is if we are to find the true meaning and purpose of our lives and to chart out our variant destinies. By ensuring that we both restrict ourselves to the right path of self- discovery and fulfillment without being blinded by ambition and pride and being happy for each other in wealth and health. We also express gratitude and appreciation for the time and attention invested by the other in enhancing and promoting the success and advancement of the other in all spheres of life.

Truly blessed

As I look confidently into the future, I know that I am truly blessed. The stranger who happened is long gone and the friend who manifested is here to stay and life has never looked rosier as it is now. She has been both a formidable adversary and ally alike, a pillar of strength and fortitude, a shoulder to cry on; the one with the right word, a warm gesture, the guardian angel and the single most wonderful being I have had the pleasure of ever knowing in my entire life. Our lives have become intertwined in a mutually inclusive manner, and we have been close and cosy for a long time now without any regrets or disenchantments. I cherish what she has been and still is in my life — a lifelong blessing and a good human being.

She is a person that I love, care for and respect without reticence for all the goodness and positivity that she has inspired in my life. She is my confidant, my teacher, my companion, my partner, my fortress, my inspiration, my best friend; and ultimately my one and only true friend.

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