On Wednesday each of these clocks on the same tower on Nairobi’s Mama Ngina Street seemed to have a life of its own. [PHOTO:STAFFORD ONDEGO/STANDARD]

Go on, grab the bull by the horns, Khalwale

One-man army action movies tend to thrive on a sense of exaggeration. But you’ve got to give it to the heroes’ determina … Read More


It is time to take Nairobi to the rest of Kenya District Focus for Rural Development and other principles of that ilk … Read More

Creepy hospital where ants are let to feed on corpses

In what can pass as a horror movie script, our correspondent Mr Renson Mnyamwezi recently reported that ants have infest … Read More

It’s a shame we do not learn from disasters

By addressing serious issues without neglecting their sense of humour, editorial cartoonists like Kham are expected to m … Read More

Bring down these ethnic pillars in public varsities

It must have taken a lot of courage for Prof Bethwel Ogot to touch the hot potato of tribalism in institutions of higher … Read More

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Parental Advisory: Lewd, Loud and Crazy matatus

Matatu culture has spawned a new age of marketing for artistes, but suggestive videos and music mar the advances, writes Stevens Muendo

Why does religion not reflect in Kenyan life?
Dan Okoth
Group Senior Editor – Online
Why I agree with Lucy Kibaki
By Kipkirui K’Telwa
Sub-Editor, Online Edition
Kenyans have nothing to lose but their chains
By Rose Nzioka
Standard Group Online Editor
Food crisis our own making
By Stephen Ndegwa
Sub – Editor, The Standard
UN denies its peacekeepers failed Congo civilians
Sudan army says captured key Darfur town
Anglican primates call for Mugabe resignation
Two in Cabinet oppose Bill on Special Tribunal
Mama Sarah: I met Obama, McCain and Oprah
Saitoti: Kibaki now answers First Lady
‘Kenya We Want’ conference kicks off
Tribunal debate hits a bumpy stretch in Parliament
2,200 seek interim electoral commission jobs
I watched helplessly as my mother burned to death
First Lady attacks Saitoti over tanker tragedy
State proposes mass burial for victims
Boy, 11, searches for his missing father
Water fuelled Nakumatt inferno, says expert
Government spends Sh700m to buy PM office
Minister raises alarm over hospitals’ capacity
Shame of second fire disaster within days
Man started fire after arguing with police
26 bodies recovered from Nakumatt, 11 identified
Raila: I asked Annan to extend Waki deadline
Form One selection chaos blamed on new districts
Raila office, KAA in row over audit report
Over 100 dead in Nakuru oil tanker accident
To move to the next level, we must isolate bad leaders
See, the US envoy has become chief apologist of graft-prone Coalition
Six years, five grand scandals and counting
Death toll rises as more bodies are found in the rubble
Coalition is a collection of graft veterans
Kenyans grapple with sting of death
A vigil like no other for tens of families
Survivor claims staff error caused fire
Ruto: I will resign if found guilty
We will honour pay deal, Kibaki says
Fresh dispute stalks slum-upgrading project