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Sunday Magazine – (31/01/2009 )
Emblem of hope for voiceless slum dwellers
“Seventy five per cent of Nairobi residents live in slums,” Magdalene Kasuku declares, almost authoritatively. I raise my eyebrows slightly. I am trying not to make it too obvious that I doubt the figure. “I was born in Mathare and I have lived here for 26 years,” she continues. “Education has changed my life, but it has been a struggle breaking through.” Looking at the young, attractive, enthusiastic and spirited award-winning journalist, I find it hard to connect her with the slum. … Read More
Motorists’ brains drop with rain
In an era that man has been to the moon and back, and space tourism is taking root, it is inconceivable that Kenyan drivers become hopelessly confused every time it rains. Yet, driving in the rain is rocket science to Kenyans across the land. A drop of rain and every major and minor town is gridlocked. Nobody likes this situation, especially on a Monday morning. … Read more
Things go wrong as exit plan ferments
Note to husbands: Never plan a party without the full consent of your wife. If she is really mad at you, she will mess up the party and then let you take the fall, especially if events seem to be conspiring against the party and everything goes wrong no matter how much effort is put in to keep that from happening. … Read more
Wardrobe mistake almost cost me my job
Monday mornings at my new job were usually reserved for office meetings so we all dressed particularly well, especially if we were being appraised. On the fateful Monday, I put on my best black suit. My blouse was the latest fashion — a sexy, revealing, hot pink, silk tumbo cut. I knew it was inappropriate but no one was ever going to see it. I planned to keep my jacket on the whole day. I felt powerful and confident as I walked into the boardroom. … Read more
The know-it-all irritants
As a casual eavesdropper, I have come to conclude that many social conversations are based on the wrong talking points. Taboo and unpleasant subjects are no longer the exceptions, but the norm. People nowadays chat openly on many previously no-go topics with zeal, alienating anybody with an ounce of decency. … Read more
Hope is the best gift of all
The world’s expectations for US President Barack Obama are sky high. He has an incredible amount of goodwill at home and abroad. His election and subsequent peaceful inauguration were a celebration not only of his own audacity of hope, but indeed the hope that he served to inspire in so many Americans — the hope, in his words, ‘to remake America’. … Read more
The day Janjaweed came for my neck over a basin
One Monday almost a year ago, a quarrel erupted between my mother and my sister-in-law over a broken basin — typical of the tension that exists when the extended family lives in one homestead. My mother agreed to compensate my sister-in-law with a basin of the same value. Mother looked far and wide for a similar basin and finally found one on Thursday. … Read more
Blended flavours spice up debut album
Dressed in a long yellow and peach dress with matching shoes, Yvonne Mumbi Wettstein carries herself with confidence that screams ‘I am a star and I am here to stay’. Popularly known as ‘The Waterbearer’ to her fans, the Kenyan musician who is based in Switzerland displays little sign of the hubris associated with superstars who play in the big league. Looking fit and relaxed, the 28-year-old with more than 20 songs under her belt seems all set for the international limelight. … Read more
Ballad brings message to all
Community theatre is different from the commercial plays we are used to watching every weekend. What a welcome break at this time of the year! Mapenzi Tamu, is a performance by young people from Dagoretti Children in Need project, an Amref sponsored initiative. … Read more

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