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Crime, Courts & Investigations – (17/06/2009 )
Prisoners’ spread terror from jail
From behind the fortified walls of prison, a gang of hardened criminals has devised a new tool of terror targeting the free world. … Read More
Killers roam slums as police watch helplessly
Seated desolately inside his 10 square feet room in Kware slum, Nairobi, Robert Ndothia ponders over his next action to force police take action on his brother’s killers. … Read more
Disk wipers and their forensic function
It is undisputable that our modern day lives have become inexorably intertwined with technology. Be it the mobile phone, the home PC, the micro-chips in our cars or the computers in medical life support systems, technology has become indispensable. … Read more
The neighbourhood calamity
It was a night that the three families who lived in the same neighbourhood are unlikely to ever forget. … Read more
Justice for Africans in America
Old legal wounds were laid open last week when Royal Dutch Shell agreed to pay a staggering Sh1.2 billion ($15.5M) in out of court settlements in cases filed by Nigerians in America. The company was accused of complicity in human rights abuses in Nigeria. … Read more
What the law says about offensive messages
The prisons’ spokesperson, Dickson Mwakazi admits there have been isolated cases of inmates using phones to commit and /or direct crimes while still behind bars. … Read more
Father jailed for life for defiling daughter
A sex pest who preyed on his 10-year-old daughter was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Gucha court. … Read more
Dealing with defective products
Q: I bought a brand new tuk tuk that broke down on my way home from the showroom. I fixed it but it broke down again after a mere 35km mileage. The dealer refuses to take responsibility for the defective tuk tuk, blaming it on my ‘poor’ driving. I decided to return it and demand for a refund, but he won’t hear any of it. What should be my recourse? … Read more

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