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Financial Journal – (16/06/2009 )
Mahinda: I did it my way
When shareholders of East African Breweries Limited welcome new Group CEO Seni Adetu, they will definitely be hoping for fresh ideas to breathe extra pace into the firm’s revenues. Adetu takes up the position from Mr Gerald Mahinda, who has already earned himself a place in the company’s Hall of Fame. … Read More
This time we’ll strike it rich, says oil prospector
After a threat from prevailing global economic recession, oil exploration efforts are looking up once again. Africa Oil Corporation— a Canadian oil firm— has re-jigged the efforts through a new partnership to explore black gold in the arid northern Kenya region. … Read more
Incentive to boost growth of smaller towns
Kenya has, over the years, introduced incentives to attract investors. Some of them have proved successful while others have not. One of the longest legislated incentives in Kenya has been the claim for investment allowances, a once-and-for-all claim, based on the qualifying cost of buildings and machinery installed therein. … Read more
Tourism: Wooing back the visitors
According to the Minister of Finance in his Budget Speech, the tourism sector suffered a decline of about 60 per cent in the first quarter of 2009. This is largely attributed to the post-election violence combined with reduced worldwide tourism numbers as a result of the global downturn. … Read more
How to avoid ugly scars from workplace conflicts
People often see issues from different perspectives and hold different opinions on various subjects, including work related matters. This human weakness is well illustrated by the fable of the elephant where three blind men all touched the big animal but each developed different notions of the giant depending on which part they touched. … Read more
Want change? Involve women in water projects
Women are the backbone of a strong economy, and therefore they need empowerment. This means availing to them all resources that they need to effectively contribute to nation building. One of the key resources is water. Availability of this resource is a key factor in determining the patterns of human settlement and socio-economic development. … Read more
Tax refund deadlines must be imposed on KRA too
The Kenya Income Tax Act will have to be amended, if taxpayers are to benefit from some of the changes announced in the Budget. The law should impose deadlines for the Finance Minister and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) respond to applications for extensions and waivers. … Read more
Stage set for change of NSE ownership structure
An independent valuation of the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) ahead of the anticipated reforms of bourse’s ownership structure is expected to begin in three months. The Demutualisation Steering Committee (DSC), which was appointed by the Treasury to oversee the process, is set to pick a valuer by September. … Read more
Kenya’s Sh3b stimulus package for irrigation
The Government has unveiled a Sh3 billion-investment plan as part of a new programme to reduce the country’s reliance on rain-fed agriculture. The funds would initially be allocated towards rehabilitation and expansion of irrigable land under Bura, Hola, Tarda, Wei Wei and Kerio Valley. … Read more
Producer plays pricing games with film pirates
Piracy and high price of producing local movies are major hurdles that have plagued the film industry and suppressed growth. … Read more
It’s harvest time for the tech-savvy
The information and communications techonology (ICT) industry is on the digital superhighway and the landscape will never be the same again after the East African Marine Systems (Teams) fibre optic cable landed at the Coast on Friday. … Read more
Budget ignores war on counterfeits
The struggling manufacturing sector might not have gained much from the Budget but the war on counterfeits flooding the local market is likely to continue. In their budget proposals to Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, the manufacturers had hoped for a reduction of Value Added Tax and electricity cost that consists of more than 40 per cent of their industrial input. … Read more
Are tax breaks sufficient growth stimuli?
The Minister for Finance presented the 2009/2010 budget in the face of unprecedented consequences with the global economic downturn, the effects of the post-election violence and the prevalent drought. In his speech, the Minister said that this fiscal year’s budget was drafted with the aim of stimulating growth in priority areas that will in turn create growth in the key sectors of the economy. … Read more
Policies needed to develop the bond market
In his Budget speech last week, Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta proposed various measures that would expand and deepen the bond market further. … Read more

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