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Crazy Monday – (01/02/2009 )
How amorous students trap their tutors
When teachers get into relationships with their students, society is usually quick to apportion blame. … Read More
Women blinded by colour
There is a popular advert about a detergent powder where two people go on a blind date. The woman spends a considerable time waiting for her date-, obviously cursing men’s incapability to be punctual. When they eventually hook up, there is a mild altercation about the colour of the woman’s dress, which was to serve as the identity mark. After a brief exchange the woman retorts: “My blind date is even colour blind.” Welcome to women’s colourful world (no pun intended). … Read more
Policeman attacks colleague who came to wife’s rescue
There was drama in Bomet town two weeks ago when a police officer assaulted a colleague on suspicion that he was seducing his wife. … Read more
‘Bewitched’ teacher and the mystery of lost shoes
A teacher at a private primary school realised he was his own worst enemy when it dawned on him that he been ‘stealing’ and hiding his own shoes. … Read more
Ours is an ongoing disaster
If Kenya ever needed a ministry of something, that thing is disaster. The minister in charge of that ministry would be John Michuki and his Permanent Secretary, the indefatigable John Gakuo. Then after that, the entire Government could as well go home. Really. … Read more
Oh, the grit it takes to be African!
The year was 1996 and a presidential election was in the offing. Then Russian President Boris Yeltsin suffered a life-threatening heart attack. They blamed vodka, which the leader was reputed to have a particular fondness for and which, it was said, he quaffed in generous amounts. … Read more
Night visit by lover rocks marriage
A man’s inability to keep his side of the marriage vows regarding faithfulness shattered his one-year-old marriage. Even after getting married, the resident of Kabete continued his affair with a former girlfriend, who resides in Uthiru. … Read more
When a professional mourner came to grief
When a man from South Nyanza died late last year, a welfare association made arrangements for the body to be transported home for burial. … Read more
Now Ugandans can kiss matoke goodbye
In a couple of years, Uganda seems set to become East Africa’s big brother. With their newest oil find, which experts say is the biggest in Africa in recent years, our brothers beyond the border appear set to kiss matoke and waragi goodbye. Instead, they will be eating rare steaks and swigging champagne. … Read more
Born to fight bulls
After retiring from his job in the village slaughterhouse, it was rumoured that Kachinjachinja was haunted by the cattle he had killed. Now, I cannot imagine anything half as bad as a cow from the other world mooing in my head all night or a ferocious bull charging towards me. Nonetheless, since I was too young to be overly inquisitive, and Kachinjachinja lived in a faraway village, I could neither verify the tale nor claims that animals, too, could haunt. … Read more
Ghosts to blame for black spots on our roads
It’s really foolish to blame the Roads and Transport minister or the police for the gory accidents on our roads. Ghosts are to blame, which is the reason whoever designed the road sign for black spots chose a skull. … Read more

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