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Woman’s Instinct – (06/02/2009 )
Let’s talk
Friday marked a very special day for a particular group of women. These are the women who have undergone the female genital mutilation. It was the International Day of Zero tolerance to FGM. It was the day that the world put aside to highlight the fight against a practice that has taken religious and cultural dimension to inhibit a woman’s reproductive and sexual health rights. … Read More
When puppy love and estate girls ruled
I was renewing my jalopy insurance the other morning when I came across Marie, a lass I hadn’t seen since I was in Standard Three. And it brought back memories. You see, we all think February is the ‘month of love’, we being the grown-ups, and that kids do not know anything about liking the girl next door. Yet puppy love is real, it exists, it makes little boys happy, or sad beyond measure. I know because I can remember. … Read more
What she does when he is out with the boys
A friend told me recently that he is convinced there will soon be many retiree divorcees. By the time a couple is hitting 50, the two have resigned themselves to the fate that their marriage brings, and may have stayed in the dysfunctional marriage for the children’s sake, until they are numb. Our society considers those above 50 spent, but not anymore. … Read more
Intuition: Real or imaginary?
The women say they will always know. It does not matter whether you did it at the ends of the Earth or in a nameless motel in the opposite side of town. Unfortunately for the philandering husbands, their wives are always right. Or, well, almost right most of the times. … Read more

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