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Pulse – (05/02/2009 )
Parental Advisory: Lewd, Loud and Crazy matatus
Matatu culture has spawned a new age of marketing for artistes, but suggestive videos and music mar the advances, writes Stevens Muendo … Read More
Wawesh, the producer
Fourteen years away from home is along time but for Wawesh there is no turning back. He talks to NALIAKA WAFULA about his choice to start over in Nairobi The guy who brought you Wawero and Mjanja is back and this time for G. With the newly set up Penya records, Wawesh (Robert Waweru), is getting ready to change the industry with a slew of newly signed live artistes. … Read more
Angel will be missed
Hi guys, I really appreciate what you guys are doing, especially for the young hustlers in Kenya. It was sad news losing an upcoming lady, MC cum actress cum presenter, Angel of Ghetto radio! She was the night nurse for all those young hustlers, who wanted a voice and music to sooth their worn out minds. … Read more
My Style: Sophylne, local artiste
My style is… I am a wild and trashy type of chic. What colours complement your skin colour? I would say red and pink as it complements my skin tone. … Read more
Smilnglish, the Three Ten
Like the Baks under tha boiler, I’ve bowen to pressure — including dat one of Carolski at the Uchumi line de odder day — n agreed to, this week, do yet anutha ‘Sminglish’ dictionary. Cut it out n paste it on le fridge (or tha loo, just don’t forgit n wipe dat bot wid it, tinking it be T-n-P, tee hee), coz I ain’t doan anutha t’least till me b-day rolls round some day in May, aiiight? … Read more
Enter Radio and Weasel
Stevens Muendo unveils Uganda’s controversial new kids on the block already giving established acts a run for their money One year after they broke away from the Chameleone owned Leone Island Crew to form their own record label Goodlyf Studios, Mowzey Radio and Weasel Ma Nizo are now wading through Uganda’s showbiz storms the rough way. … Read more
From mtaa za Ziwa to the sands
Comedian turned politician Mongolo was this past weekend spotted by Pulse paparazzi, enjoying a steamy weekend at Nyali Beach Hotel, with a gorgeous white girl. The Ziwani Ward councillor was spotted spending romantic moments with his beauty throughout the weekend. They strolled arm in arm on the white sands of … Read more
K’ogalo conquered
It has been a week to forget for many Kenyans both nationally and sports wise. In a single weekend, Kenya’s representatives in the continental competitions shipped seven goals to nothing. Mathare United were the first to suffer the humiliation by going down 2-0 to Zambia’s Zesco United. If football fans hoped for … Read more
Gone TV
When they swaggered into town like a new sheriff, GTV proclaimed all manner of goodies for subscribers. The firm declared that the time for affordable Pay TV was truly here. After just two years in operation the company has closed shop. If Kenyans have been thinking that the global financial crunch is an alien phenomenon, then it has finally hit home — pretty hard. … Read more
Valentine busted
Having two girlfriends’ means buying two valentine gifts. So I visited a lingerie shop to get my sugar mummy and my girlfriend, sexy lingerie. I decided to send them to their offices on Valentine day, which fell on a Friday. … Read more
Celeb hoods: Dandora L.O.V.E
Pulse: Where is your hood? Kah: Dandora, popularly known as ‘D’, is my hood. However, for the past one year, I have not been living there. I’ve been all over at friends’ places. … Read more
STL vs Rat-a-at
Pulse: What is the name of your last single? STL: The Dreamer. I’m sure you love it back home. P: If you were in the ghettos like Rat-a-tat would you ever survive by singing themes like I am a dreamer and the stuff that you do? … Read more
Where do broken hearts go?
It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of Valentine’s Day. If it’s not the sudden appearance of red roses at every turn it’s the unveiling of bachelors both hot and not so hot to convince women that there is still someone out there. … Read more
Nameless Kamonski as a teen
Pulse: What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done? Nameless: I took a bottle of Guinness beer I found in the cabinet and tried to drink it. I was about 12 years at the time. Believe you me it was so bitter I could not understand why people drink beer. I then decided to add some water into the … Read more

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