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By Crystal Okusa

It was a serene evening the night we walked into Carnivore Simba Salon. An immmensely different scene greeted us from the gate. Instead of the the usually crowded Carnivore Simba Saloon we meet laid back crowd unwinding from their busy day. Dotting the crowd are media personalities and other music industry stakeholders from PR firms.

Didge who took part in Project Fame 2004 with Kaz taking to the stage first. The singer best known DI on his R&B; show on Easy FM thrilled the crowd with his song Sioni.

Sioni talks about his confusion brought about being in love with two women. His deep alto voice sounds quite strong live and he issupported by the great sound of his back singers and the Villagers Band.

Didge is recording his second album titled Becoming, to be released end of this month. It will feature other artists like Collo, Abbas, his brother Rabsarii and Wyre who was also the events MC. After singing a song he wrote with Kaz in South Africa Chocolate Headache, he then introduces Wendy on stage by joining her to sing her second song Just a girl.

Strong voice

Wendy who’s strong voice takes command immediately is loved by the crowd when she sang her first single Clande an already predicted hit single that gets the crowd on it’s feet. The men who related directly to it asks Wendy to come back on stage and repeat the song, already making her the crowd favourite amongst the fame musicians.

A couple of fans come over to ask Wendy for her CD but she disappointed them as she is still producing the songs. Wondering if she is giving Valerie Kimani a run for the fame favourite.

Signed by the Peter Nduati’s Pine Creek Record Label, Wendy’s song Clande, written and produced by Chris Adwar, will be her first single on radio stations as is stated by her manager Peter Nduati, who referred to Wendy as a great investment.

The concert to showcase growing local talent was organised by Pine Creek Records, a label that has seen the likes of great talents such as Atemi, Nikii and Lenny. The concert is used as a way of introducing the artists to the public before their album is out, a way of promotion to make their songs familiar to their listeners. David who is not signed by Pine Creek, after refusing to give up his copyrights to the Record label, still performed at the concert.

Own fashion line

Kaz who took the stage as the third performer looked quite lovely in her own fashion line — Cinnamon. She encouraged the crowd to join her in forming a mugithi train while sung her song Atieno. The song penned in a mix of Luo and Kikuyu is well received by the crowd. The ever-energetic Sarakasi dancers who also wore the Cinnamon line accompany her on stage. Kaz, who writes her own songs, gets her inspiration from her life that she refers to as dramatic enough to write a million songs.

“I am grown and I feel like this is a comeback for me. My music is new, reflecting that I have actually grown and I know what I’m doing. Most of the songs are more of party songs. Songs that make people happy,” explains Kaz.

David, who has also featured in Kaz’s latest album, is still struggling to get sponsors to promote his music and is currently the voice of Breast Cancer in the country. The show ends on a high note with a promise of more to come.

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