Blast from the past: Fundi Frank

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By Caroline Nyanga

Pulse: What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Fundi: I hit some dude with a beer bottle in a bar brawl when I was 19. You can imagine the consequences. All I can says that when I got back home kiliumana.

P: What were you thinking when that photo was taken?

F: That I was the illest rapper in the hood. I used to dress and act like American rappers LL Cool J and Run DMC.

P: What kind of a kid were you?

F: Naughty, playful and adventurous. The fact that I was the lastborn meant I could do whatever I could and get away with it.

P: What’s the craziest stunt you’ve ever pulled?

F: I used to set wire trap across the footpaths with my friends at night to trip unsuspecting drunkards. We would then hide nearby and cheer as they fell.

P: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

F: I was the class monitor in Standard Three. But then one day the class teacher caught me red handed telling off a chick I didn’t like using very abusive language. I was punished and stripped off my title on the spot.

P: How did you make your first shilling?

F: I made my first pennies by drawing my pals, portraits and school assignments. This is because I was a good artiste and I used my skills to earn something.

P: Describe your personality?

F: I’m ambitious, tenacious, humorous, eloquent and jovial. However, I can be emotional when provoked.

P: What’s the most memorable thing your parents ever did for you?

F: They moved me from a municipal school to a much better school that was considered expensive while I was in Class One.

P: How was your childhood?

F: It was full of fun and adventure. However, things took the wrong turn when my mum died while I was in Standard Eight and my dad the following year. This affected my results in school. I was later forced to live with my aunties in Kitale and Mombasa.

P: Did you have a nickname?

F: Yep! I was Franco Nero or Franco Luanzo Makiadi.

P: What mean thing have you ever done?

F: Dumping a chick I knew loved me to death. The truth is I didn’t really quite know what love is… or should I say perhaps I never believed in love.

P: Describe your first kiss?

F: It was exciting because it was by a voluptuous kao chic, older than me.

P: Were you a teacher’s pet?

F: Hakuna siku! I was mischievous.

P: What don’t people know about you?

F: That I started Swahili rap in East Africa with Buda Boaz in the late 1980s, way before Swaleh Jaber and Kwanza Unit of Tanzania.

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