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Just read Ngare’s jealous commentary on United’s scintillating form.

Ngare should know that United fans have every right to applaud the great form that the team has been on and the fantasy soccer they get to witness every weekend. To put it all into perspective for one Tony Ngare, United have picked a maximum 30/30 points on a record equaling 10-match winning run. In the same period, Arsenal have picked 15 points. This implies that for every point Arsenal have picked in the same period, United have picked two. The 17 points that separate Arsenal from United is a reality. The league table does not lie. At this moment Mr Ngare, that is the gulf in class.

He goes on to talk about United winning matches 1-0 and of serialised penalties. I struggle to recall which penalties he is referring to.

Whereas Arsenal have been on their own run of failing to find the back of the net for something like five games on the bounce, United have won 1-0 against West Ham open play, 1-0 against Everton – well deserved penalty for a trip on Carrick, 1-0 against Wigan – open play courtesy of a Rooney goal, 1-0 against Bolton — open play goal by Dimitar, 1-0 against Boro open play – goal by Dimitar, 1-0 against Stoke open play goal by Tevez, 1-0 against Sunderland open play goal by Vidic. Where is the evidence of your serialised penalty claims? Meanwhile, to spare Chelsea and their ilk the embarrassment, I deliberately avoided mentioning them and others who have been given a hiding by the world champions. Failing to recognise the contributions of heroes such as Vidic, Rafael, Carrick and Edwin Van Der Sar for giving the team the platform to go on and break down park-the-bus teams is a real shocker.

— Felo

Big up ragga musicians

I was delighted to read your interview on both Circute and Moustapha. Just wanted to pigia Shavey and Slice kudos for showing up during the Mt. Kenyan University campaigns. As one of their diehard fans I enjoyed spending quality time with the duo. With songs like Gal and Pull Up I bet they are the next great ragga artistes!

— Thuku

Looser gooners

You know what they say about success and haters; the more successful you are, the more enemies you have. This is why it’s perfectly understandable when the Tony Ngares and the Gidigidis of this world get lumps in their throats whenever Red Devils bask in glory. But like the fans of a bigger team we do not take their envious rants to heart. Despite United’s success, there are no people more humble, polite, generous of spirit, than its supporters. We are used to greatness and do not have to rub it in anyone’s face. We empathise with the Poodles and the Gooners. It’s said no one remembers the runners up or fifth position. So Tony, instead of counting United’s 1-0 wins, you should concern yourself with Arsenal’s 0-0 draws. So leave the speck in United’s eye and try removing the log in Arsenal’s. With great power comes great responsibility; the responsibility to win! So how about all you Gooners and poodles sympathisers.

— Collo

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