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Crime, Courts & Investigations – (24/06/2009 )
Dawa Ltd yet again in drug scam
Two months after CCI exposed the scandal of unregistered drugs in the market, a manufacturer who was caught up in the scandal is in trouble again. … Read More
Fighting crime through technology
The woman anxiously waits for her son to return from school in the evening, her worries heightening as the clock ticks. … Read more
Widow’s agony as chief’s signature disinherits her
A single teardrop rolls down the weathered face. A fragile coarse hand, whose fingers boast little acquaintance with nail polish and manicure brushes as the woman plunges into the story of her life. … Read more
Killer who caused draining of river
The stones were un-eroded, Ngong Forest thick and the river in between flowing fast and furious during an era when the waters of the small stream could generate electricity. … Read more
Son’s reunion with father in jail
I had always prided myself in being a toughie only to be outed as a wimp on my first day in neti. Enyewe it was scary and I had to gather all my wits to overcome that tumultuous moment. … Read more
Boy goes missing for 28 years fearing punishment
It is a strange home where every youthful male stranger brings a glimmer of hope to the family. For the last 28 years, the elderly man and his family have been living a life of agony with a tinge of guilt after their lastborn son went missing, perhaps to avoid punishment from his parents. … Read more
A shot in the dark
One evening in February 2002, Stanley, a businessman in Kiambu District, was heading to Ting’ang’a, a remote township in the area when the unexpected happened. It was at around 10pm. … Read more
A date with online fraudster
Agnes was in high spirits as she walked into a cyber cafe in Eldoret town. She had just learnt from her former teacher through an sms that she had done well in her KCSE exams. … Read more
Man charged with making love to a hen
A man has been charged in a Kisumu Court with committing an unnatural offence by making love to a hen. … Read more

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