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Woman’s Instinct – (20/06/2009 )
When your partner is a raw deal
Ask any person who is searching for a life partner and they will tell you that Mr or Ms Right will show up at the right time, in the right package for the right reasons. “You will know him when you see him,” some ladies are told, as are some men, of the woman of their dreams. … Read More
Kenyan men tip the promiscuity scale
Crime Scene Investigation Nairobi, a DNA paternity testing company, has circulated a document titled Kenya’s promiscuity Index. The results are not surprising. Having digested it, I will break it down for you. The report classifies men into two economic classes, the very rich and the emerging middle class, the nouveau riche. … Read more
The worst kind of man to have
Usually, I am at logger heads with Milly G up there because of her harsh stance on men. … Read more

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