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Pulse – (12/06/2009 )
The curse of our music celebrities
American star Jamie Foxx hit single, Blame It recently set an all-time record for 12 consecutive weeks as number one on the Urban Mainstream chart. The song is not that deep and idolises alcohol. Today nearly all deejays in almost all Nairobi joints play it as Pulsers sing along. … Read More
Ole Polos and plonyos
Last weekend, we all (the ‘we’ here been tha direktors’ of Hooters, or EA’s mostest soccer hooliganskis) rolled to Ole Polos to review the soccer season — actually, to rarua nyama, drink beer n tukana each other peacefully in our natural habitat. … Read more
Holding hip-hop court
High energy and tension mixed with excitement are the least of terms that could be used to describe the atmosphere at Club Clique last Saturday night, as freestylists Point Blank and Calligraph lyrically battled. The competition had gone down to the top two during the Channel O Emcee Africa Kenya edition, in the race to winning $10,000 (Sh7.8million) and a chance to collabo with a hip-hop royalty in Africa. … Read more
Kenyan club bangers
Kenyans are a little choosy when it comes to selecting their club bangers. Just because a song is a hit one-year, doesn’t mean it will be the next year. However, there are songs that if the timing is right, can resurrect their status. According to my research, a club banger is a song that does the following: … Read more
Celebrity wardrobe
A lot of Pulsers always want to have a peak into the wardrobes of their favourite celebrities. Capital FM’s Eve D’Souza of Hits Not Homework let us have a rummage through her closet. She loves bustier and sleeveless tops and showed us her gladiator platforms — which make a good collection of her heels. … Read more
Berklee comes calling for musicians
Aaron Rimbui is a talented jazz musician. In fact, his latest release, Alfajiri can easily pass off as work from a veteran artiste. But when Berkelee University held auditions at Brookhouse School, Aaron made it to the beeline to impress the judges for a music scholarship. The pianist was among other stars including afro-fusion singer Atemi Oyungu and Kora Award winner Neema Ntalel who battled for the single slot. … Read more

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