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Financial Journal – (09/06/2009 )
Kenyan farmers could reap from carbon trading
From the manicured lawns of San Diego, California, a little known company is breaking new ground in the business of personal carbon trading. Carbon Manna Unlimited is pushing forward an ingenious pilot project that rewards small farmers in Mbeere and Bungoma districts for planting trees, and using more energy efficient stoves, known locally as jikos, for cooking. … Read More
Customs Union gives Comes states a new lease of life
After years of delay, the establishment of Comesa Customs Union has given members renewed vigour to pursue the regional integration agenda. The launch of the Union was the key event at the just concluded 13th Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) Heads of State two-day Summit in Victoria Falls Town, Zimbabwe. … Read more
Delta Airlines fiasco dashes exporters’ dreams
This week, a major flower exhibition is taking place in Atlanta, US. The 2009 Super Floral Show to be held from June 10 to12 at the Georgia World Congress Centre in Atlanta is considered a classical opportunity for players in the flower industry to showcase their produce. … Read more
Sanitary towel usage still low despite tax cuts
The Government zero-rated import duty for sanitary towels in 2004 to increase the use of the products, bringing down prices of most brands by almost 50 per cent. But many women still use clothing, tissue and cotton wool to contain menstrual flow, exposing them to health hazards yet tax exemption pushed prices down leading to entry of more brands targeting specific market segments. … Read more
Beating off fear to embrace the path of wealth creation
Saving and investing or setting up a personal budget is not a comfortable proposition to most people for the first time. But, after a while, they get used to it and wonder what they had feared. … Read more
Are transfer pricing rules adequate?
Like many other countries, Kenya has transfer pricing rules designed to stem substantial tax revenue loss that may result from multinationals inaccurately accounting for profits related to cross-border transactions. … Read more
Is our tax law fair to Ugandan sports people?
Taxes, alongside death, are the only certainty in life, or so assert a time-honoured truism. So certain is this truism that it extends its inescapable tentacles into every facet of human existence, sports included. … Read more
Can VAT on export be amended to spur growth?
Kenyan companies providing exported services are finding themselves operating in a more hostile environment, especially with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) interpreting the provisions relating to the zero-rated status of exports slowly being distorted. … Read more
Is KRA shifting tax goalposts yet again?
Taxpayers, especially corporate ones, are in for a rude shock following a recent change in stance by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) regarding tax refunds. The concept of self-assessment, introduced in Kenya from 1992, allowed the Kenyan taxpayer to calculate his or her taxs due for a year of income himself or herself, submitted returns and pay taxes accordingly. Indeed at that time this system was way ahead of many African countries and even some of the developed countries. … Read more
It’s not over until it’s Orange, declares Telkom
Nothing about Telkom Kenya’s Chief Executive Dominique Saint-Jean, intimates any toughness. Soft-spoken and affable, he comes across as cool man as opposed to a scrambler in the cut-throat mobile business. … Read more
What online marketers can learn from Obama
In the speech to the Muslim world last week, US President Barack Obama displayed such astute salesmanship, it was riveting. In marketing, it is very important that we sell them what they want, and not what we have. … Read more
Mehta Group sets its feet in cement business
In what is likely to spark an intense price war in the cement industry, Mehta Group, an Indian-based conglomerate has made proposals to the Government to set up a cement plant in Kenya. “We are still waiting for the Government to give us the necessary approvals before we proceed,” Gajendra Batavia, a director at Glenn Investments Ltd, the cement-manufacturing arm of Mehta Group told Financial Journal. … Read more
Perfect work does not require perfect employees
Nothing discourages people more than to do their best at a job, then have their boss thrash it to smithereens, especially in front of everybody. Harping on people’s mistakes, no matter how trivial, may seem like a good way to keep them on their toes, but it could undermine performance. … Read more
Determining a company’s goodwill in a balance sheet
Determining a reasonable goodwill figure for a company’s balance sheet is no easy task. There is no universal rule on how to figure out goodwill, which adds value to the company. Goodwill is essentially the amount of the asking price for a company over and above its tangible net worth. … Read more
Undersea fibre optic cable to boost tourism
The submarine fibre optic cable expected in Kenya later this month will give a much needed boost to tourism, a workshop on e-tourism in Mombasa has heard. E-Tourism Africa Chief Executive Officer Damin Cook said with the cable providing increased broadband and greater online access at a reduced cost, it was predicted that marketing and e-commerce transactions would grow dramatically. He said the move presents tremendous opportunities for the business sector and tourism across East Africa. … Read more
Making business sense of Facebook
When we think about the Internet and its development, one can consider both how far we have come and how many issues remain unresolved in spite of concerted efforts to solve them. Many problems that we have been trying to solve a decade ago still bedevil people — everything from how to make money online to how to bring about technological convergence. … Read more
State under pressure to transform troubled Export Processing Zones
After working in five different textile factories at the Athi River-based export-processing zone for over a decade, Ms Anjelica Njeri is now jobless and penniless. Njeri, and thousands of other women are casualties of the global financial crisis that has reduced demand for exports from developing countries to Europe and America. … Read more
Fiscal responses to global downturn
Everyone is now fully aware of the global economic crisis and indeed many of us are impacted by it. Governments around the world are looking at ways to mitigate the impact of the crisis and these measures range from formal stimulus packages, ad hoc measures and temporary provisions, to accelerating the introduction of planned measures or in some instances scrapping them all together. … Read more
Banks get CMA backing to venture into stockbroking
Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has thrown its weight behind commercial banks foray into stockbroking through takeover of brokerage firms. Ms Stella Kilonzo, the authority’s chief executive, says just like any other institutions banks were free to acquire stockbrokers as long as they meet licensing requirements. … Read more

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