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Sunday Magazine – (31/05/2009 )
Smoking tobacco out of people’s lives
Rachel Kitonyo may not be a favourite with tobacco manufacturers and smokers in Kenya due to her recent work in tobacco control. In fact, if she was to have her way, Kitonyo would be perfectly happy in a Kenya where no one smoked and no lawful tobacco growing, manufacturing, advertising and usage was taking place. … Read More
Stand for something, don’t fall for anything
I recently witnessed a man nearly get knocked down by an oncoming car as he tried to save his hat that had fallen off onto the road. Thank God for the quick thinking driver who was able to save the man from a possible fatal accident. I kept wondering about what in the world was going on in this man’s head as he risked his life trying to save a hat. This hat must have been valuable to him, otherwise he would not have put his life in danger trying to save it. … Read more
Life lessons from a tiny island
The Migingo Island issue is a classic example of how a non-issue can become a big issue purely based on how it’s handled. It is a perfect example of how to make a mountain out of a molehill. Today, an island that was largely unknown hardly a year ago, is arguably the most famous island in Lake Victoria. … Read more
Social non-conformists irk at functions
As surely as the sun rises in the east, every social function hosts one odd person who enjoys contravening all acceptable norms. Needless to say, such dissenters often draw attention to themselves and for the wrong reasons. By holding tenaciously onto some unconventional ideas, rituals and superstitions, these social weirdoes both amuse and horrify. … Read more
Motley rally drivers on our roads
Rallying, as a sport, is very popular in Kenya. It has been so since the days of the legendary Joginder Singh and Shekhar Mehta — they who were rumoured to take short cuts through banana plantations in Kisii and Nyeri, and resort to the use of a walking stick as a substitute for a malfunctioning steering wheel. … Read more
Worried about son’s bedwetting
My nine-year-old son still wets the bed at night. As parents, my husband and I are very concerned. It affects our son a lot because he is afraid to fall asleep at night. We have talked about it with him, but he gets upset and even hides his beddings in the morning when he wakes up. It is affecting his performance at school and he is reluctant to bring his friends over during the weekends to play. He also refuses to go for sleepovers when he is invited. What can we do to help him kick this habit? … Read more
How I met hunky Bryan
Seeing Bryan again sent a jolt through my body, and that feeling in itself sent me into a spin. Was I excited to see him again? That surely could not be right. I was a married woman who genuinely loved her husband, so why was I feeling like this — like a little girl delighted to see ice-cream? … Read more

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