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Woman’s Instinct – (06/06/2009 )
A decent proposal
Few words if any, have the potential to change your life more thoroughly and permanently than the four monumental ones: “Will you marry me?” … Read More
My lecturer tried to rape me
I am a college student and have a problem with one of our core lecturers in my faculty. Recently, he invited me to his house after I had requested for some books. When I got there he tried to seduce me and when I rebuffed, he tried to rape me. He let go of me only after I started screaming. The problem is that I saw him naked and when he is in class those ugly scenes keep haunting me. I can no longer concentrate and he has threatened dire consequences if I ever tell anyone about the incident. He really intimidates me in class by awarding me low marks and often harasses me. He is a core lecturer so he will be lecturing me in more units in future. I am so discouraged and feel like quitting the entire course. Please help me. I am stranded. … Read more
Birds of a feather
Five years ago, Veronica Muchiri joined a group of women from her estate that gathered for fellowship once a week. They met on Fridays and prayed for their families, the country and any other matters that concerned them as women. With time they realised that praying was not enough. … Read more
The different colours of come-we-stay
I grew up in a place where when a woman moved into a man’s house, they were duly declared married, never mind that most of those marriages never lasted a year. In the community’s eyes, you were so and so’s wife during that year. … Read more
Three men women should discipline
Much has been said on this matter but like the maize scam and Migingo Island issue, it won’t just go away — at least not before I have added my voice to it. The report on violence against men, which the Maendeleo Ya Wanaume Organisation say took them eight months to compile, is alarming; but nonetheless not surprising. … Read more
Women, too, must foot the bills
… Read more
We are in it together
What constitutes a good marriage? Is there basic criteria that would help a couple audit their marriage? My husband and I have been doing a study on relationships and we have since tackled these questions. … Read more
The fine dilemma of one Fiona
Maybe you are reading this one at noon — so that it is saa sita, mwezi wa sita, siku ya sita for you. Triple six (666), they say, is the number of the Beast. And, yes, there are a lot of beastly men out there. Take the true life case of one Fiona for one. … Read more
Mirena: The new generation coil
Mirena is a hormone-releasing coil. It was initially developed for women with abnormal uterine bleeding who did not want their uteruses removed for various reasons like still wanting to have children or being poor candidates for surgery. Today, the list of uses and benefits of Mirena has grown immensely. … Read more
Filing for divorce through proxy
I am a Kenyan woman currently living in Italy. Prior to this I lived back home with my husband and two children. Due to his abusive tendencies, in 2004, I packed up and left him together with our two children aged eight and 12 years. I have tried to initiate divorce proceedings from Italy but the two advocates I have consulted have advised me to return to Kenya to institute the proceedings. … Read more
Taking women to Beijing and beyond
… Read more

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