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Pulse – (05/06/2009 )

Latest in town: Wild partying
A group of bikers and sporty pimped-up rides is preparing to leave Nairobi to Nakuru where the annual 10-Aside rugby tournament is taking place all weekend. Long before they hit the highway, you can smell the wild fun ahead of this adventure. “Forget you ever knew the word sanity. This is going to be the ultimate summer festival,” exclaims a guy who introduces himself as Tom as he takes a double shot of Famous Grouse, them passes the bottle round to his mates. … Read More
Smitta Smitten: Kila kitu sawa sawa
DJ CK is a fresh guy ka cologne ya Don Corleone. I met him o’er tha weekend at the FCC, n I waz chattin’ with two fresh colle chicas — Philly Yambo of Goethe Inst. N Eva Ogumbe of KIMC; n the beauty luvin Don immediately goes like “Smitta, y have ya thrown me away.” … Read more
Madaraka weekend: The lowdown
At first there was dance, then jeering and cheering, and finally tears and joy. Five days after Mwende Mbae, the 19-year-old Catholic University student was crowned this year’s Miss University. She was in disbelief, after all, she had not anticipated winning the crown. Jeremy Ndirangu of Kenyatta University was declared Mr University. … Read more
Lupita: The making of a movie angel
Lupita Nyong’o’s award-winning documentary film on albinism In My Genes, was launched last week, at the Silver Bird Westgate Cinema. And the occasion was graced by Tanzanian MP Hon Al- Shaymaa Kwegyir who is also affected by albinism. Her father, Cabinet minister Anyang’ Nyong’o and Ida Odinga, the Prime Minister’s wife, were also in the house prompting many to ask themselves if they ever thought of the life challenges an albino faces in a black society? … Read more
More juicy stories
First,congrats to Pulse! It’s a great magazine that makes my Furahi-days. The article on DNA was really tight but the whole thing about his sister and P-Unit wasn’t exactly correct. She still works for P-Unit but it’s like a favour she does for them. She is good a friend to Bon’ Eye. She was also seeing someone from Jomino last year as well as from Homeboyz. But I’m not sure what happened with the latter. … Read more
Love in the pub
There are jamaas and chilÈs who act like they came to make love in the club. You know the type, the guy with tight shirt opened up to here, or the chic with tiny shorts and a strip of clothing for a bra/top. You must have known when you left the house you would cause some ogling and not so nice commentary from fellow clubbers but you thought what the hell. Or maybe not, some people are just clueless like that, no wonder they get no love in the club. … Read more
Shujaa showing
At a time Kenya has hit the international headlines for all the wrong reasons, Shujaa — the national sevens rugby team has continued to earn respect and recognition. … Read more

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