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Pulse – (15/05/2009 )
Genge’s godfather
With his third album almost ready, Nonini fondly referred to as Godfather of Genge says this could be the most exciting year for him. He tells all to CAROLINE NYANGA Pulse: You were once dubbed the most controversial rapper in East Africa, did this affect your career? Nonini: To be honest I do not understand why I was labelled controversial especially by the media. The fact that I have been bold enough to tackle issues that affect the society —in particular the youth — has been misunderstood. I believe I am being real. Although it affected my career to some extent, I also gained from it. … Read More
Starscope: Dumb and dumber
DMX is either the toughest—or dumbest — celebrity to ever go to prison. Either way he’s pretty scary. Earlier this week at Arizona’s Tent City Jail, Dark Max X, aka Earl Simmons, decided that he really didn’t like being in jail and, therefore, didn’t need to report to his prison job or do any of the other things prisoners do, like shutting the eff up when the guards tell you to. Instead, he opted to inform his keepers he would prefer to fight them in order to earn some much-needed respect. Apparently, street cred goes out of the window after an anal cavity search. … Read more
Trapee trapped in porn
These are the confessions of Ogopa’s new kid on the block Godfrey Mtatah aka Trapee as revealed to Stevens Muendo … Read more
One skinny Sunday
So nine nites n 8 dayz have passed since dat dark Wednezday nite when all the evil loose powers of Euro football (Platini, look at me!) conspired to rob Chelski out of the Champion’s League grudge match against Man United in Rome, so sumbaddy tell me, why does it still hurt like hell? … Read more
Joey Muthengi, Can U Dance Presenter
My style is… Street chic. I always try to keep it funky and fly. So what exactly drives and inspires your everyday look? Everyday I get a chance to reinvent myself. I always have to be ready in case what I’m wearing on that day does not go with a particular occasion. If I’m in my sneakers, I have to carry heels in case I need them and vice versa. … Read more
Hottest celebs
I am a big fan of Pulse magazine but of late I have been disappointed by your bias. We are tired of reading about Ogopa artistes each and every week! Come on guys we have so many recording studios, which have so many hot new celebrities. Who is Marya in the first place? Did you only feature her because she is Moustapha’s boo? I have never even heard of her! … Read more
Jal sings peace
There was a time when sounds of bombs and gunshots was the music I heard and knew. I slept with one eye open just in case danger caught up with me and attacked killing many when need called for. As a child soldier I ended up eating rotten human flesh that belonged to a friend of mine and even went ahead to drink my own urine when the thirst became unbearable. But with time God heard my cry and came to my rescue when He sent the late Emma McCune, then a British aid worker to rescue me. My beloved brothers and sisters, the question that goes through my mind day and night is where would I be if God had not come to my rescue? … Read more
The truth about local celebrity endorsements
It was bad news for one of Kenya’s leading showbiz acts, Nameless, when word broke out that he had lost an endorsement deal worth a fortune. Nameless had been poised to land a lucrative MTN endorsement deal as the product’s face and was expected to appear in their outdoor adverts. … Read more
Cover Model
Annette Egessa is an I.T. Student Hobbies: Travelling, Reading and Socializing Shoot Location: Pisces Studio, Banda St. Photo by: George Simon [email protected] … Read more
VIP Nairobi
There is a sub-culture taking root in Nairobi. Normally being a VIP (Very Important Person) in Kenya meant being part of the political set, well, it still does, but now being a celeb is enough to get you into the younger VIP club. Though the whole VIP thing is not that new, clubs and events organisers have started taking note of the simple human need to be considered special and are creating nights based around the whole idea of being VIP. … Read more
Double Derby
The day had been dubbed Super Sunday; after all it was a day for derby clashes involving three of the top four in the premier league. With Arsenal vs. Chelsea and Manchester United vs. Manchester City, surely apart from some good steamy and intimate moments, nothing else can beat this irresistible action. … Read more

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