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Financial Journal – (28/04/2009 )
Medical tourism opens a new frontier
Nairobi Hospital is eyeing medical tourism for new revenue, as local competition in private health care gets tougher. Broadly speaking, medical tourists are people who leave their homes to seek quality treatment, care and rest abroad, or in a neighbouring state, where it is much cheaper. … Read More
At last, a way out of this maze
The World Bank will finance the establishment of key agricultural research centres in Eastern Africa at a cost of Sh9.6 billion ($120 million) as the region steps up efforts to support farmers to increase food production. … Read more
Kenya finally smells the coffee on EU trade deal
Though the controversy-ridden Common Market Protocol is likely to dominate the Heads of States Summit in Arusha on Wednesday, trade negotiations with the European Union (EU) will not be avoided on the agenda. … Read more
Steady flow of tourists keeps City hotels busy
Nairobi hotels have been spared the decline in business affecting local tourism industry due to the steady flow of business travellers. While the number of tourists visiting the country recorded since last year has been low, the reduction in bookings in city hotels has been marginal. … Read more
CMC crashes local plan in drive for EA market
Auto dealer Cooper Motors Corporation (CMC) Holdings Ltd has dropped its local expansion programmes in pursuit of regional markets. The latest move comes after the company’s six decades of operation in Kenya. … Read more
Dip in consumption ignites demand for researchers
Increased competition for consumer information has triggered unprecedented demand for market researchers leading to employers competing for experienced personnel . … Read more
Romancing financial engineering
Financial engineering, sometimes called financial calculus, can be notoriously intimidating and precise. For those with mathematical engineering brains, the calculations can be comprehensibly sexy. Both preciseness and comprehensibility are needed in risk markets, such as insurance, stock … Read more
The pros and cons of emotional branding
To forge strong and enduring relationships with their customers, leading companies are increasingly turning to emotional branding. We all want to be told how important we are or how much care is taken in providing a service to us. … Read more
Huge cost savings for patients seeking treatment abroad
As a concept, medical tourism may sound a bit alien in Kenya, but it has been around for years. Soaring healthcare costs in America, now averaging an estimated $2 trillion a year, are forcing many to seek medical care abroad, making it the biggest source market for medical tourism. … Read more

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