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Woman’s Instinct – (07/03/2009 )
Tilting the status quo
Through the Kenya Women’s Shadow Parliament, Monica Amolo, Executive Director, has been building capacity for Parliament and local authorities’ leadership among rural women. … Read More
Crying out for love
It’s raining and I can’t seem to move. I’m standing right outside my apartment and all I can manage is stare at the pool of water forming at my feet. One droplet after another and I feel like I’m drowning. … Read more
I’m HIV positive and enjoying life
“Do I look like I am dying?” This was the first question the all-smiles Mary Okello Okwiri posed at the offset of this interview. Yet, it has taken her great will power to laugh about death — for indeed there were times when Okwiri thought the angel of death was not so far from her door. Back then, this question, though never pronounced aloud, was her daily companion, to haunt and tear apart. She dreaded it, and yet it kept coming. … Read more
What makes women grow fat
There are two main reasons for weight gain after childbirth, which if not kept in check could easily lead to obesity. … Read more
Using manners to excel
I keep hearing top executives say that people skills are very important — and often, more important than technical skills. How true is that? … Read more
A planet endangered by man
I am a regular at one of our supermarkets in my neighbourhood. I complain all the time about them, but I still keep going back, simply because of the convenience. I prefer the customer service and efficiency of a certain large ubiquitous chain store, but I do not like their prices. … Read more
It’s got everything to do with integrity
Until Millie Odhiambo landed the deciding punch that saw Mr Cecil Miller lose the coveted job of chair to the Interim Electoral Commission of Kenya for allegations of being a “wife batterer” most Kenyan men did not seriously consider beating up a woman a big enough crime to grab national headlines, leave alone deny someone a job. For many, Millie’s was just one of the many intrigues the current Parliament has so well perfected. … Read more
Seeking equality for the girl-child
On her list, sanitary towels, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), early marriages, and gender violence, top the list of what has derailed girls from achieving what they are capable of. This gives the girls a tilted competitive edge when pitted against the boys. … Read more
Try these at home
You have probably heard the phrase, “what you do not know will not hurt you”. Whether it is true or not is a subject for debate. This week, it crossed my mind that sometimes in marriage, what you do not do is probably what helps the marriage work. I thought that was interesting given the fact that more often, focus is placed on things that you as a couple need to do to help your relationship thrive. … Read more
Defining child maintenance
I am a single mother of a two-year-old girl. Her father supported us for about three months after she was born. My mother then asked him to arrange for an official visit with his parents so that my family could find out his intentions and discuss child support as well. But the man disappeared and has never returned. … Read more
Our amazing kidneys
March 12 is dedicated to two bean-shaped organs, each about the size of your fist located just below your rib cage, on either side of your spine. They are your kidneys, which, even though come as a pair, you could live perfectly well with one. … Read more
Let’s unite to end gender violence
Eleven years ago, Ms Agnes Siyankoi, a Maasai woman from Kajiado broke cultural barriers by suing her husband for domestic violence. Siyankoi, then 32 and a mother of four told the court how she had been battered all through her 12-year-marriage. She said her husband had beaten her, injuring her back, elbow, collarbone and legs. Her lawyer said her husband strangled her on many occasions. … Read more
Shape your child’s future
“I wish I could find a book with definite answers and ready-made solutions to the numerous questions and problems I encounter as I get used to my baby,” a colleague named Mary said. As a new parent, Mary was echoing the wish every first-time mother or father makes as they nurture their child. … Read more
My man is stingy
I am a 28-year-old single mother of one daughter and dating a 40-year-old man. I have supported my daughter with the little I earn and what I got from friends without strings attached. This was until I felt the need to be loved by a man. His problem is that he is too stingy. … Read more
Tony M’s gates explained to the men
Last week, Tony M assisted men in getting the women they want by showing them to eight gates. What he did not tell you was the kind of woman you will find on the other side, depending on the gate you choose to take. So I will try and break it down for you, lest you get less than you tolled for at the gate. … Read more
Sexy hair, a man’s obsession
As a hairdresser, I believe that hair is the sexiest part in a lady. It can bring out the beauty of an average woman, boost a lady’s confidence and make a beautiful woman exceptionally stunning. In essence, hair is the centre of attraction. … Read more
One outfit, many looks
Fashion trends are so dynamic and diverse that it is impossible to have everything you lay your eyes on. Two major theories explain this: … Read more

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