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Crime, Courts & Investigations – (04/03/2009 )
Mystery of missing girl in the hands of a pastor
For most of her life, Margaret Mumbi has lived in a rehabilitation centre in Nairobi. But the 18-year-old girl remembers her stay there as a life of misfortunes and heartache. She talks in whispers and haltingly forcing one to lean forward to catch her every word. Her eyes are moist from held back tears. She is a bitter girl. She says from 2002, she has been searching for her younger sister, Mary Nduta, who went missing while in the trusted hands of the managers at the rehabilitation centre. … Read More
Strange obsession leads to man’s disappearance
He left to search for riches in 1995, but 13 years down the line, Peter Njuguna appears not to have hit the jackpot. His mother, Elizabeth Muthoni, says Njuguna who was then19-years-old, left their Murengeti home in Limuru with a promise to return after making enough wealth. … Read more
Licensed to rape and rob
The month of February will forever remain etched in the minds of 30-year-old Mercy. After undergoing a rape ordeal in the hands of armed robbers, a traumatised Mercy sought justice from the police. But little did she know that those trusted to protect lives and property would turn out to be her worst tormentors. … Read more
A timely tip-off
Sometime in July 1984, a gang of armed robbers broke into a bacon factory in Kiambu District at midnight. They tied the security guards and other employees with ropes. They stole Sh114,000, a pistol loaded with several rounds of ammunition issued to the company’s security officer and many other items. The case was investigated but nothing much was achieved in terms of recovering the stolen items or arresting the suspects. … Read more
An innocent conman
January is said to be the most trying month of the year. Indeed, the excitement associated with the New Year is limited to the first day. On the second day the challenges of the New Year, which include taking children back to school, paying house rent and paying for business licenses begin. … Read more
Grandfathers in trouble for smoking bhang in toilet
Two elderly men were handed a three-year probation sentence each by a Thika court for smoking bhang. Thika Senior Resident Magistrate, Christine Meoli, openly wondered who would mentor children and grand children if elders used drugs. … Read more
Checking impunity at City Hall
Q: It looks like fighting at the Nairobi City Council is a form of decision-making. Is this really acceptable, especially given that this has been going on and nothing happens? What does the law say? … Read more
Abortion: It’s time to talk
In June, last year, the Reproductive Health and Rights Bill, 2008 was published. On October 16, last year, the Attorney General moved it in Parliament and the Bill received its first reading. Most regrettably, the Bill has now lapsed after Parliament went on recess. It is anticipated that the Bill is likely to be reintroduced soon. … Read more

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