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Financial Journal – (03/03/2009 )
Posta struggles to keep mail service on the fast lane
The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) is set to announce a Sh250 million investment to enhance its money transfer services and restructure the country’s mail system. … Read More
Smoking law shuts advertising channels for tobacco firms
Smokers are not the only lot feeling the heat of the Tobacco Control Act that regulates consumption of tobacco products in public places. … Read more
Treat money as a seed by saving and investing
Prosperous people see money from a totally different perspective. They do not just see the coins or paper money as pieces of paper adorned with pictures. … Read more
Sea cable construction steps closer to reality
In under three months, the East African coast will finally be connected to the rest of the world using the under sea cable but telecommunications services providers and consumers are divided over whether the costs will fall. … Read more
What went wrong in Safaricom refund process?
There are fears that fraudsters may have burgled the Safaricom IPO, ripping off commercials banks, investment banks and stockbrokers of millions of shillings in false claims. … Read more
Your company, too, can beat recession
Should the current global downturn necessarily lead to poor balance sheet postings? That’s the question I have found myself asking upon rethinking after the real implications of a situation I believe is being improperly addressed. … Read more
Build larger terminal or lose business, State told
Mombasa port has continued to play an active role in the cruise tourism sub-sector in the West Indian Ocean region. It is arguably East Africa’s busiest cruise port rivaling South Africa’s Durban port in number of port cruise ship calls. … Read more
Polythene bag use falls by 26pc in two years
The use of plastic bags has fallen by more than a quarter over the last two years as shoppers switch to reusable bags, new figures have shown. … Read more
Plastic makers to get excise duty refunds soon
Manufacturers who paid excise duty on plastic bags in excess of 50 per cent can now lodge claims for any additional duty paid to the taxman since December 1, last year. … Read more
Good enough is often not good enough
When a boss is dissatisfied or having trouble with a subordinate, it is most likely that the subordinate is having even more trouble with the boss. This, in many respects, has to do with expectations – what the boss expects vis ‡ vis what the subordinate expects. … Read more
Management vacuum can only encourage corruption
When President Mwai Kibaki opened the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) factory at Athi River in June 2006, he warned that looters would be pursued, prosecuted and money stolen recovered. … Read more
Kenya Meat Commission close to second collapse
The Kenya Meat Commission is on the verge of a total shutdown, just three years after it was officially re-opened by President Kibaki in a colourful ceremony. … Read more
Now KCB takes mortgage financing across borders
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) mortgage arm, Savings and Loan (S&L;), has set its eyes on expanding in the region by riding on the bank’s brand heritage. … Read more
Housing Finance to cede 50pc stake
Mortgage financier Housing Finance Ltd has announced plans to cede over 50 per cent stake in its subsidiary Kenya Building Society (KBS) to a strategic investor. … Read more
Development finance bodies to merge into one unit
Local Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) will be converted into an investment bank as the Government moves to make financial markets work for the poor. National Economic and Social Council (NESC) has recommended that the DFIs be consolidated into one major institution under supervision of the Ministry of Finance. … Read more
Designer tool a leap of faith to venture out
People fear change, especially when venturing into the unknown. It may be change of jobs or even resigning to start a business. This is exactly what Zahida Rajab Ali felt when she decided to quit her banking job and venture into fashion business. … Read more
Refurbished imported computers outdo clones
Players in the auto industry know that it is better to buy used but genuine spare parts as opposed to fakes. … Read more
What is an infrastructure bond: Is time ripe for companies to tap into bond market?
By Odhiambo Ocholla There is a lot of liquidity in the market as witnessed by the oversubscription of the 12 year “infrastructure bond”. … Read more
Brokers laugh at farmers all the way to the bank
Middlemen are making a kill out of the sweat of small-scale banana and pineapple growers in Kisii. The middlemen are laughing all the way to the bank as the farmer who quite often survives on one meal a day gives them the fruit at throw away prices. … Read more

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