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Sunday Magazine – (01/03/2009 )
A will to live: Lorna’s kidney odyssey
The name Lorna Irungu rekindles memories of the 1990s TV game show Omo Pick a Box, the Vijana Tugutuke voting campaign and an upbeat, energetic and feisty young woman who is always ready to use her talents to champion a cause. But Lorna’s life is not all fun and games. The 35-year-old has had more than her fair share of pain and suffering. She has battled lupus and kidney failure for more than 10 years, and her most recent ordeal has left her asking what God really wants of her. Having already undergone two kidney transplant operations, Lorna never imagined she would need a third. … Read More
Same land, more people… less food
Thirty years ago, David Oginda was a rich man. With over 40 acres of fertile land, food was in plenty and everyone in his household was happy. Opportunities such as education and subsequent employment promised even a brighter and wealthier future for Oginda. … Read more
Managing your finances as a single parent
Being a single parent can be challenging, especially in these hard economic times — the children rely solely on you to cater to all their needs. Sometimes this can be overwhelming if your finances are not in order, or your income is limited. But regardless of how much money you earn, you can provide for yourself and children within reasonable means. There are some critical factors that could guide you to financial sustainability and eventual independence. … Read more
Tasked with stopping crisis
Monday was not a very good day. Jimmy and I started off with a fight and when he retreated from the battle, I glowed under the aura of victory. However, as the day went by and Jimmy didn’t bother to call, that bubble of victory began to deflate. From what I supposed was justified anger, my psyche diminished with every passing hour. By 8pm, I was distraught. I didn’t want us to go back to the ‘safari boots’ crisis. That experience had been too traumatic for both of us and we’d been walking on metaphoric eggshells since then, afraid to tilt each other’s emotions over the edge. … Read more
Is traffic lighter or am I on high gear?
You know the festivities are truly over when offices reopen, the incessant blare of matatu horns wakes you up in the morning and the traffic we all love to hate has increased to its pre-December holidays volume. … Read more

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