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Woman’s Instinct – (28/02/2009 )
First things first
Last Wednesday, I was travelling in a public vehicle to town from home. The journey was very uncomfortable because our driver was as reckless as he could get; and the sharp brakes, weaving in and out traffic and terrible gear shifting were nerve racking, to say the least. … Read More
It’s not so bad after all…
I recently read an interview with a psychotherapist that struck a chord. He believes that rather than mollycoddling folks who are in the doldrums, a swift kick in the rear is what most need to get their self-esteem going. … Read more
How thirsty are you?
If you are thinking about how thirsty you are, then you are probably thirsty. A person gets dehydrated when he or she loses more fluids than they take in and the amount of water in his or her body drops below its adequate level. … Read more
How do I talk about sex?
I did not think I would require assistance with my own children but I really need some now. I have noticed that my 13-year-old frequently searches for naked pictures of girls from the Internet. I told her to ask me any questions she may have instead of searching the Internet. Some of her questions are easy and … Read more
Between a man and ‘the other woman’
Recently, a married man hit it on me in a unique encounter. Unique because he did not only masquerade as a single man searching for a partner, but also tried hard to hide the fact that he was married. Of course lots of things didn’t add up and I finally unearthed the stinking rat … Read more
A roof for the homeless
Along the Nairobi-Mombasa Road, is the sun kissed, wind swept town of Mlolongo. The dust blows and spirals to the sky inexorably hitting you in the eyes ruthlessly. Visiting the town for the first time, you curse as you gasp for breath and shield your eyes from the raging dust and the hot sun. … Read more
Oil for your scalp
Although many women blame itchy scalps on the brand of hair oil they use, this is not necessarily the case. Like I often advise my clients, it is all in the mind. This is why I rarely ask what brand of oil to use on them. Chances are when they are aware that you are using a different brand from what they are accustomed to, they … Read more
I am eighteen and needy
I am a 26-year-old woman born out of wedlock. My father was already married to another woman when he met my mother. He, however, abandoned my mother who struggled to raise me on her own. … Read more
Eight gates to the other side
Buddhists speak of the seven paths to Nirvana. Well, for most men, Nirvana is a nice woman who smells of Nivea. And there are eight ways to get there. The first gate is by getting a little wealth. Money makes the world, and heads of a lot of women go rounder than a merry-go-round. … Read more
Do not cut off your man’s hands
“I hope you are taking good care of my brother,” an in–law told my friend, whom we’ll call Roslyn. “I hope you have started doing things for him and spoiling him — that’s what a wife’s for,” the in-law went on. … Read more
Discerning your baby’s cry
Many new parents get distressed when they suspect their baby is in pain. The good news is that once you are familiar with your baby, it becomes easier to distinguish between normal and pain cries, by her pitch and movements. … Read more
Dealing with bad breath
Did you know that a human bite is dirtier and more dangerous than a dog bite? This is because there are over 600 types of bacteria that live in our mouths — usually below the whitish tongue coating that covers the lower end of the tongue and where food debris, dead cells, postnasal drips and other living and dead bacteria … Read more
Mum, I am pregnant
“Mum, I am pregnant,” is a phrase that has the potential for a joyful jubilation for many would-be-grandmothers. But the same statement coming from your teenage daughter could cause many sighs of regrets and heartache. … Read more
Rising above financial calamities
The news on the financial front does not seem to be getting any better as we wade our way into the year. This has left most people worried because they do not know how to cushion themselves and their families from the aftershocks of lay offs, plummeting stock prices, inflation and high food prices. Patience and prudence are certainly the virtues as we try to figure out what the coming months will bring. … Read more
The art of apology
Deborah Tannen, sociolinguist, wrote in one of her anthologies: “Apologies are powerful. They resolve conflicts without violence, repair schisms between nations, allow governments to acknowledge the suffering of their citizens, and restore equilibrium to personal relationships.” But is it always necessary to apologise? … Read more

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