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Pulse – (27/02/2009 )
Showbiz millions gone with the wind
One of the biggest club hits is none other than Mac Muga — a hard —hitting ‘diss’ track by soft-spoken Bongo sensation Ali Kiba. In fact, the singer ‘disses’ Lucas Mkenda aka Mr Nice, the fallen star with tight lyrics, ease and good flow as follows: … Read More
Angels, devils n in betweeners
The Smitta had one of them strange weekend-skiz where you donno if you’re comin, goan, or falling just in-between the piano cracks of the planet. On furahi-day eve, on the invite of Mike n the resta dat Jijue crew, I made me way to the Mavuno Dome for the ‘Jars of Clay’ concert; leaving the genius Maddo at Alliance discoverin’ the origins of Benga with twerps like Papa Shimita. … Read more
Play more local hits
I must say that TV stations have improved and are playing great assortment of music. The stations nowadays play local and international stars. … Read more
Blonde Blunder
I was out with few friends the other day. A friend came with a guy she intended to hook me up with, after praising him to me for a while. Looking my best and displaying my best behaviour at hand, I was having fun. After a while, another … Read more
My Style: Marion Shako, gospel artiste
My style is… Simple, casual and smart. If I’m going to work, I wear a skirt or trouser suit. For the weekends I prefer linen pants or jeans. … Read more
What your moti sez about you
The streets of Nairobi are filled with motis, rides, whips and wheels of all shapes and sizes, mostly Japanese manufactured and mostly stuck in traffic. While most of us tend to find ourselves in the proverbial ma-three those who have made it cement their new status by buying a “new” moti. … Read more
Bariki, the blessed Kenyan duo
Kenyan gospel duo Bariki triumphed over many scooping Song of the Year and Best Pop Group Award during all African One Gospel Awards held in South Africa. Shirley Genga talked to them … Read more
Angela Wainaina: Gone too soon
We walked across from our I&M; offices, Pulse editor Charles Otieno and I, to the Holy Family Cathedral for Angel Wainaina’s funeral service. This was last Tuesday, and it was one of those hot mornings where a haze seems to hang over everything. … Read more
Zuena gets a new man
Estranged Bebe Cool’s better half Zuena Kirema is allegedly dating again. Ugandan media and websites allege that the former beauty queen walked out of Bebe Cool’s home into another tycoon’s arms. It alleged that Bebe and Zuena had misunderstandings which were sparked off by Zuena’s alleged cheating on Bebe with a hunk in one of the top telecommunications companies in town. … Read more
Zero at San Siro
The much-awaited Champions League clash between Inter Milan and Manchester United ended in a frustrating barren draw for all–players, managers and even fans. … Read more

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