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Sunday Magazine – (07/02/2009 )
From despair to a beacon of hope
“Life is not about speed, but about calculation,” Rev Jackson Kosgei says slowly and illustrates his point through an example. … Read More
Forever against female cut
Every year, close to 97 per cent of girls in North Eastern Province and three million others across Africa undergo circumcision. The 2003 statistics from Kenya Demographic Health Survey (KDHS) shows that the practice is widespread amongst most communities in the NEP. … Read more
Parents courting trouble
‘A working nation, not a drinking nation’, is a catchphrase that has become quite popular in the country. And even though we may not quite realise it, the phrase carries a lot of weight that calls for urgent attention. … Read more
Valentine’s is a grand finale
Next Saturday is Valentine’s Day. What a blessing for those of you who are romantic. It means a whole Saturday, uninterrupted by work, to serenade your mate. So what are you planning to do? … Read more
Stereotyping at its worst
Typecasting, is a very common Kenyan culture especially when it runs along the lines of tribe and sub-tribe. Luos are this, the Kikuyu are that, Kales are this other. I love typecasting, mainly for intellectual and comical reasons, and I have found out I have a neighbour who has perfected that art — his current study has been on Merus and trust me it’s a whole ear load of the intriguing workings of a Meru son/daughter. As biased and baseless as these stereotypes are, yet interestingly we believe them and even let them dictate our alliances with people. … Read more
The masters of mind and heart
Although my job is quite demanding, it is always satisfying to know that you have helped someone overcome or cope with a challenge. It is also a very educative profession and it helps me understand human beings and their behaviour patterns. At times I feel as if I am counselling myself and it makes me respect people and understand why they do the things they do. … Read more
The Lounge: My husband won’t work
My husband and I have been married for five years and we have a two-year-old son. We are both born again Christians and are currently based in the USA. We have plans to establish ourselves in Kenya. My problem is that my husband does not like to work. He prefers to stay home and take care of the child as I work. … Read more
Neat dreadlocks for children
Q. I want dreadlocks for my three-year-old girl. Please advise me on suitable products to use and what to expect in terms of time and cost. … Read more
Money lessons for newly weds
The first year of marriage is certainly the most exciting for a couple. But it is also the most challenging as two very different personalities try to blend and live in harmony under the same roof. Numerous external factors, from the seemingly inconsequential to the very significant, will bombard the couple from every angle — and money is key among these. … Read more
Is your child poor at concentrating?
Most nursery and primary school-aged children have short attention spans and it is worse if they are engaged in an activity that does not excite them. But if this manifests in high levels, there is cause for worry. … Read more
How to attract your dream man
I am blessed to have a great father, a fabulous husband and three handsome brothers. Listening to them talk gave me tips for the women out there who are determined to keep the men in their lives and those eager to meet the man of their dreams. … Read more
Exercising is not only for the plump
Only a couple of years ago, exercising was largely believed to be for the plump women and men. After all, wasn’t it the men that went to the fields while the women stayed home to cook and wash the children? But with more awareness particularly through education, more women are now exercising. A spot check in various gyms across Nairobi shows that the highest membership is subscribed by women. … Read more
A woman’s recourse
I married my husband in a church ceremony nine years ago. We are blessed with two children both of whom are in school. My husband is a successful businessman while I work for a company located in the Industrial Area. … Read more
A man’s worst nightmare
Sex is one of a man’s strongest instincts, second only to the survival instinct. More often than not, when a man’s life is not in immediate danger, the next thing he is most likely to be thinking about is sex. This explains the enormous response to the new virility drugs like Viagra and Cialis. … Read more
Spiritual bankruptcy causing tragedies
The English have a saying: when it rains, it pours. In Kenya we say it many different ways, one of which is, ‘when problems come, they bring their relatives along’. That seems to be the case with the deadly fires that have killed over 150 people in the last several days. The twin tragedies of the Nakumatt Downtown and Molo fuel tanker fires have not been seen in this country in a long time. … Read more
Mood lifts with money in my pocket
Jimmy and Masha must have somehow resolved their crisis at Kiamaiko because, about 15 minutes later, while I was taking a hurried shower so I could escape from the house, he called to say they were on their way. They had been forced to part with about Sh3,000 to repair an already dented mathree and this little incident had infuriated my hubby. He was hoping I had better luck. I didn’t want to make his day even worse. … Read more
Search for petrol fuelled by hope
In the last few weeks, the country has been rocked by numerous scandals, including those of maize and fuel. While the maize scandal may have led to famine and death in parts of the country, the ordinary motorist has suffered in both twin scandals. … Read more
Ways to boost your memory
With so many of us so valiantly multitasking 24/7, something eventually has to give — and it is usually your memory. You forget where you parked your car, yet you are standing right next to it and you can’t find your glasses perched right on your head. Here are some memory-boosting skills that can help you overcome such situations: … Read more
A memorable journey for domestic tourist
Last December my friends and I travelled to Malindi for holiday and to usher in the New Year. Not having been to the Coast bus station in Nairobi for over a year, I set out for it with a bit of apprehension. Of course we have all heard of the sideshows — the muggings, pickpockets and other vices. To be on the safe side, we had a friend’s brother drop us smack outside the station. … Read more

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