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Pulse – (06/03/2009 )
The politics behind Kisima
The respective three East African music awards have been trying in the past to outdo each other on who rewards musicians better and in organisation. The Ugandan Pearl of Africa Music Awards has finally made inroads across East Africa … Read More
The Fame Concert
It was a serene evening the night we walked into Carnivore Simba Salon. An immmensely different scene greeted us from the gate. Instead of the the usually crowded Carnivore Simba Saloon we meet laid back crowd unwinding from their busy day. Dotting the crowd are media personalities and other music industry stakeholders from PR firms. … Read more
Why Bobi donated his Escalade
Bobi Wine, the Ghetto President has donated his princely new Cadillac Escalade for auction to assist Owino traders who lost their goods in a massive inferno last week. “I am the Ghetto President. I grew up in the Ghetto and all my fortune comes from … Read more
Blast from the past: Fundi Frank
Fundi: I hit some dude with a beer bottle in a bar brawl when I was 19. You can imagine the consequences. All I can says that when I got back home kiliumana. … Read more
Local rivalry
The titanic clash between Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards lived its healthy billing of a rollercoaster ride — at least for the fans. The usual taunts amongst fans were liberally traded across the terraces with each set of fans having songs to praise their teams and gestures to deride rival fans. … Read more
Just who are the Presenter finalists?
The three remaining Presenter Show contestants might have purely entered Reality Show by accident but one will be happy to land a job as the live final episode is aired on Sunday. … Read more
Kenyan divas
This Sunday is international Women’s Day, so Chiquitta would like to honour the women artistes who have managed to stay on point when it comes to their music careers. Like BeyoncÈ says, “A diva is a female version of a hustler” and these … Read more
Celebrity goof
The saying old is gold makes me remember the good old days in high school where I became a celeb in Form One after scooping two awards in drama and music as the best narrator in the district. … Read more
Red Devils reign
Just read Ngare’s jealous commentary on United’s scintillating form. Ngare should know that United fans have every right to applaud the great form that the team has been on and the fantasy soccer they get to witness every weekend. To put it all into perspective for one Tony Ngare, United have picked a maximum … Read more
Nice Githinji vs Miss Morgan
Comparing your curves to Miss Morgan’s, who has a better shape? Both of us are different, Morgan is bigger and fuller while I’m more compact. … Read more
A tale of two cities: Eldoret and Yerevan
It was the best of times, it was the craziest of times … it was the season of hope, it was the season of going by air to Eldoret — for yet anutha Ian Keino party at his boon-dawgs. … Read more
Top in Dar es Salaam
The past, some say, is another country! So is Tanzania, with its capital city of Dar es Salaam where a young and cocky musician ruled the musical roost by crowing many top hits — Zeze and Siamini for example. But then success got to Mr TID’s … Read more
My Style: Brian Nyikuli, Kenyan rugby player
My style is… Smart casual on weekdays and official when going to church. A good look for me is… Polo shirts or white shirts donned with a half sweater and jeans, completed with white sneakers or Timberland boots. … Read more
Lords of the underground
Swaleh and Zakah who make up the dynamic duo that is Wenyeji talk to MATILDA NZIOKI about blowing up the Kenyan music industry … Read more

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