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Sheikh Sharif Ahmed won after a run-off in elections held in Djibouti, Saturday.

Valentine arrests in India

Indian police stood guard at colleges decorated with heart-shaped ballons in Mumbai yesterday and arrested hundreds of m … Read More

Zimbabwe parliament passes unity government law

Zimbabwe’s parliament passed a constitutional bill on Thursday to allow a coalition government of President Robert Mugab … Read More

Teacher elected new Somali President

Somalia’s moderate Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed won the presidency and vowed to end conflict in the Horn of Afric … Read More

Sense of relief in Gaza after weeks of pounding

Gaza residents headed for today’s communal prayers and Israeli naval guns were largely silent as grief and shock began t … Read More

Obama tackles Afghanistan and Mideast conflict

Taking on two of his toughest foreign policy challenges, President Barack Obama pledged to find a new course in Afghanis … Read More

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Controversy threatens low-cost housing scheme

A herd of goats slip through the barbed wire fence, bleating their way past the yellow earthmover. Sniffing and nibbling, the noisy goats storm through a cream door marching past an empty sitting room into a disused kitchen before leaving through the backdoor. On this hot Sunday afternoon, Waithaka Mugo chases after the goats before abandoning his mission. He dashes to the gate to let in some visitors. “Every weekend, I receive many visitors. Yesterday I had three vans full of people who wanted to view our houses,” he says.

Power-sharing for export, any takers?
Dan Okoth
Group Senior Editor – Online
It’s not Raila but Kenyans under threat
By Kipkirui K’Telwa
Sub-Editor, Online Edition
Kenyans have nothing to lose but their chains
By Rose Nzioka
Standard Group Online Editor
Did corruption run civil society out of town?
By Stephen Ndegwa
Sub – Editor, The Standard