Agony of Kibaki crash families


The news struck the country sweltering in 2002 presidential election campaign heat like a thunderbolt. The road crash barely three weeks to the General Election that would give Kenya its third president, claimed two lives and left the man who would be the next commander-in-chief literally hanging on the tenterhooks. …more

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1. On Saturday June 6, 2009, 16:59 PM , James khasiala, Kenya wrote:
  its a pity on this unfair world we live in, when u have nothing you are insignificant. Am just trying to imagine what could have happened if it was a person from a rich family, more concern would have been brought. all the families want is concern, just to have a feeling that the deceased were human beings and important


2. On Saturday June 6, 2009, 16:02 PM , NGulzow, United Kingdom wrote:
  After that accident, Kenya should have had a complete over-haul of the road network. Professional driving schools, tough regulations on driving and road licenses with tough and expensive penalties for defaulters, continuous road safety education and the building and maintenance of high standard roads complete with road signs and incorruptible traffic police should have been Michuki’s legacy.


3. On Saturday June 6, 2009, 9:31 AM , Gogan Kalinsky, Germany wrote:
  I Think the old man should humble himself enough and see these people…The story is really moving, totally and completely.


4. On Saturday June 6, 2009, 8:39 AM , Sammy M Nderi, Kenya wrote:
  I strongly believe it was not his fault,but what happened to the passion,the ONENNESS, in our community, am not saying he should feel obligated to help, but its only human, only natural, only AFRICAN go back to someone you were together in a tragedy, show some support,some pity, be together, it doesn’t cost a single cent to do that in case he is worried about the financial implications, but not doing it costs you!


5. On Saturday June 6, 2009, 5:45 AM , Mike, United States wrote:
  Just a loud wonder – was the President’s Car insured and If it was why can’t the insurance company own to their policy and compensate the poor folks. Please some lawyer or a Minister who is in charge of insurance dept help this folks. lets see a lawsuit – this should be way too easy to win.


6. On Saturday June 6, 2009, 1:05 AM , BMJ Muriithi, United States wrote:
  These two writers must be commended for a well written story. It sadly reminds us that “all men are ‘not’ created equal”. As the writers put it, a few days after the crash, Kibaki was airlifted to London. Was anyone thinking of the other poor crash victims? Were they forgotten simply because they were ordinary mortals? Kibaki need not be reminded of a moral obligation through newspaper articles!


7. On Saturday June 6, 2009, 1:03 AM , Lameck Magara , United States wrote:
  This story goes to show why an independent media is so important. Hopefully this family’s misery will get the attention of the President. He is probably busy but getting in touch with them will be the moral thing to do. He has a bunch of assistants that he can send to Machakos (a stone’s toss from Nairobi),to relay his message. He should get it right this time round for the sake of those kids.


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