Pomp and colour as Kenyans brave scorching heat to mark national day


Jubilation, pomp and colour marked Kenya’s 46th birthday as Kenyans braved the scorching sun to devour the beauty that comes with the celebration. …more

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1. On Tuesday June 2, 2009, 12:51 PM , Betty Gacengo , Sudan wrote:
  I am always so impressed by the Kenyans that brave the sun to go out and sit for hours through some of these speeches. Out of respect, our leaders should always ensure they send them home with something of value in terms of words. Moi never disappointed with his public holiday speeches. As for Kibaki, I know him more for the name calling. Hope yesterday was different.


2. On Tuesday June 2, 2009, 11:06 AM , Dennis Wasike, Kenya wrote:
  Seriously, where is the pomp and colour? Or is all these in the spirit of the coalition government? These reporting is way below your standards and if someone was doing it just so as to look good and supportive, then understand its showdy work. Kenyans are having multiple problems ranging from bad governance to hunger, thus insinuation that they were celebrating is to miss the whole point.


3. On Tuesday June 2, 2009, 6:07 AM , Clive T, United States wrote:
  So where is the pomp and colour? Your reporting is pathetic. why do you always have to draw unecessary and cheap contrasts whenever Raila and Kibaki appear together for a function. Tell us what both told Kenyans, we are not interested in who come unoticed or who got the biggest share of applause. Stop cheap politics.


4. On Monday June 1, 2009, 20:16 PM , Dikhi, United States wrote:
  On a side note, if somebody ever told me that the “Totalman” would be sitting in the VIP dais during a National day..7 years post-Moi era, I would have bet my life savings that it would never happen…Wow! how wrong i was! As they say..the more politics change, the more political they become….”Totalman” is truly the real man.


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