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Of a dead man, his Sh400 million property and multiple claimants

Intricate web of multiple claimants, forgeries and court cases surrounding 5.3 acre Karen property and half acre Upper Hill land left behind by Kenyan

How fraudsters connive with top State officers to evict land owners

Unlucky families have woken up in the middle of the night to sounds of bulldozers tearing down their abode in the full view of law enforcement

High profile Kenyans targeted as courts rake billions in corruption cases

Kenyans may soon witness high-profile prosecutions in the fight against corruption, abuse of office and breach of the Constitution.

Keep Mzee Moi out of this- Gideon

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has cautioned leaders against dragging the name of former President Moi into their political wars and schemes.

Treasury eyes Sh6.1b from State debtors

The National Treasury expects Sh6.1 billion from State corporations and Government agencies in the next financial year of the Sh811.4 billion outstand

Raila is our candidate in 2022- Orengo

Orengo said said the former premier will not retire from active politics anytime soon.

Poor strategy dug Kenya into Chinese trade hole

?Kenya's trade relationship with China has been severely skewed, with the Asian nation receiving more but giving less in the last decade.

Hollywood star Lupita in secret visit to Kisumu

Hollywood actress and Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong'o made a surprise visit to Kisumu Saturday, throwing the lake side town into a spin.

Kenya Power to review vendors' contracts amid customer uproar

Kenya Power is in the process of renewing contracts with 15 agents vending its tokens after a huge outcry from customers over cost of electricity.

Man United legend Sir Alex Ferguson rushed to hospital for emergency surgery

Sir Alex Ferguson has been rushed to hospital where he has undergone emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage, Manchester United have confirmed.

Kiprop now fights back, implicates IAAF in brewing doping scandal

Track star Asbel Kiprop claims he was the victim of extortion by doping control officers on the day he reportedly failed a drugs test

US jobless rate hits 17-year low amid scarce labor

Unemployment in the United States fell to a fresh 17-year low in April amid steady hiring

Why they want to kill me, says Atwoli

Atwoli has expressed fears on his life over what he termed as his calls for a constitutional review to create more positions in government.

KNUT officials storm union headquarters, demand removal of Sossion

They accused Sossion of not representing them adequately because he is also serving as a nominated member of parliament.

President’s speech reminds us of the forgotten role of social values

Older generations are often accused of setting a bad example.

Kenya needs Chinese-style social credit system to stem graft

Corruption is rightly viewed as Africa’s greatest problem.

Do not change the Constitution for individuals

The latest piece of speculation is that plans are under way to amend the Constitution.

CUE new proposal major blow to non chartered varsities

Commission proposes that such institutions should not be given government sponsored students.

Is society becoming slave to social media?

Social media is a big thief of one’s time if not used with a purpose.

Kenya can reap big from trade agreements

Trade agreements do not succeed without political goodwill and leadership to turn opportunities into realities.

Keep updating your skills; don’t hang onto obsolete knowledge

Keep the windows of your mind open to the winds of change; keep investing in yourself: New skills, new tools, new ways of doing things.

Green Gardens School students shine in robot contest

Green Gardens Girls School wins Judges Award in robotics event in Houston, Texas.

It’s time to restructure the presidency, it’s the cause of our problems

Of what value is a powerful office if its pursuit must cost lives and tear the country apart every five years?

Youths must pull themselves up by the bootstraps, not by waiting for handouts

The country’s political tectonic forces are shifting and the youth are stuck with fake narratives.

When Nairobi was preferred playground for Soviet spies

While South Africa was the centre-piece of KGB operations in Africa, the best known spy scandal in Kenya is what is now known as the Yuri Loginov Affair.

What Ruto must now do to trump those scheming for Uhuru to succeed himself

Mr Ruto must fight until he is the last man standing.

Whistleblowers or con artists who target the rich?

The country has at least four individuals who have, over the years, got entangled in multi-million-shilling disputes with the high and mighty.

Only in true action can an apology make the required difference

An apology must not take mere words of the mouth.