There is need to embrace fire safety methods—experts

Published on 12/07/2009

By Macharia Kamau

The Ministry of Local Government and premises’ owners need to adopt new emergency preparedness methods, experts say.

In recent past, fire companies have collaborated with experts to introduce innovative products that help avert accidents, but more needs to be done.

Among the safety products include the automatic smoke detector that detects fire quickly prompting emergency intervention.

The automated sprinkler is also an effective technique but, its uptake has been limited due to the high cost of installation and maintenance. The latest is a spherical ball that explodes when thrown into a fire and extinguishes it. The product, the Elide Fireball, is manufactured in Thailand and imported to Kenya by Mather and Platt, a supplier of fire systems.

Mr Martin Karani, the business development director at the company said the product has been in the market since early June and added that there is potential for uptake in industrial and domestic markets.

“Most companies find it hard to believe that this ball can secure their lives and property, and we have had to mount demos for almost all the clients we have marketed the product to,” he said.The ball is a solid of chemicals shaped into a ball that weighs 1.3 Kg and has a lifespan of five years. Each ball is locally retailing at Sh7,500.

When exposed to a flame, it explodes and immediately extinguishing any type of fire.

Karani said the ball can put out fire in a premises even in the absence of people-unlike conventional water or carbon dioxide -based fire fighting solutions that require a human input.

“You place the ball in areas with high fire risks. When a fire starts, the flames trigger the explosion of the ball which releases the extinguishing content,” he said.



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