Experts showcase latest medical equipment

Published on 10/07/2009

By Luke Anami

Medicare experts are gathered at Kenyatta International Conference Centre for a major exhibition on healthcare products.

The 5th Medicare Africa Expo and conference that kicked off yesterday, has attracted more than 35 international and local exhibitors.

The expo gives the exhibitors an opportunity to meet a cross-section of health professionals including medical doctors, health practitioners and hospital administrators.

“It is a forum for exchange of business ideas, latest technology,” Mr Vincent Angatia, of Design Initiative Limited, the events organiser said.

“This enhances the client base for each of the stakeholders involved,” Angatia said.

Networking opportunity

The exhibitors are displaying new products aimed at improving the quality of health services in the region.

Angatia said the networking of both the medical health workers and medical service providers is vital in stimulating discussions on their role not only in Kenya but also in third world countries.

The sponsors of the expo are Meditec Systems Ltd, National Hospital Insurance Fund, the Pharma World, Crown Healthcare (K) Ltd, Narang Medical Ltd, INFO Medix among others.

As the various stakeholders gather every year for the expo, it has been imperative to exchange ideas on the efficient management of the medical sector to ensure the effective use of the equipments while providing quality service.



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