Kasarani theft: one watchman arrested

Published on 18/06/2009

By James Waindi

One guard who were manning the Sports Stadia Management Board (SSMB) when thugs broke in and stole computers and other valuables have been apprehended to help in investigations.

Four guards were on duty that night.

More than 10 computers containing vital documents and other personal equipments were stolen during the Thursday night raid at the SSMB offices in Kasarani.

Speaking to FeverPitch yesterday, SSMB Public Relations Officer, Rakki Asman, said Police had started investigations over the matter and refuted claims that the crime was an inside job and that it was an action of sabotage.

“We do not want to speculate over anything because the matter is with the police who visited us on Friday led by Kasarani OCPD and they are now conducting their investigations,” he said.

“I cannot rule out an inside job in the matter and neither can I confirm it,” said Asman.

The thieves cut the fence from behind the office before they handcuffed the security person on duty and gained access to the office through a window.

Four departments including the Registry, Human Resource, Marketing and Sales and Business Development were the areas most affected during the raid.

On Tuesday, an SSMB employee who sought anonymity suspected sabotage and an inside job in the theft.

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