Experts to streamline the operations of CDF

Published on 18/06/2009

By Luke Anami and James Anyanzwa

The Government will appoint experts to review the structure of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and seal corruption loopholes.

Planning Minister, Wycliffe Oparanya said there was need to put proper structures in place to address misuse and mismanagement of the funds by politicians.

“We are soon coming up with a committee of experts to look at the entire structure of CDF,” said Oparanya.

“We want to find a way of integrating people at the district level, to ensure that all projects initiated incorporate technical input of the relevant stakeholders.”

He said there are several loopholes in management of the CDF, adding that about 20 per cent of the funds channelled to the constituencies were misappropriated.

“We are now going to strengthen structures right from the constituency to the national level,” he said.

Trained staff

Oparanya spoke after launching the “End Term Report” of the “The Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation” in Nairobi yesterday. He said the new set up would consist among others, adequate staff and properly trained personnel to deal with the funds.

Oparanya called for careful deepening and strengthening of Government’s policy formulation process, budgeting and implementation, monitoring and evaluation system in tracking the progress so far achieved. He lauded the ERS saying it had ushered in a new style of Government operations, especially through cogent planning, implementation and tracking.

Weaknesses identified

“Nothing is perhaps going to be important in the foreseeable future as that of ensuring that budgeted allocations do in fact proceed to be spent in the manner they have been planned and improve the welfare of Kenyans,” Mr Oparanya said.

The Public Expenditure Review (PER) has been instrumental in informing the budget process through identifying weaknesses and strengths in the budget making and execution process as well as identifying challenges facing the Government.

The Minister sought to alleviate fears that CDF will be misused, as there are no strong accounting structures to prevent this and misappropriation of the funds at the constituency level.

He however, deplored the weak budget monitoring tools, which he said remain bureacratic.

“These challenges are being addressed through capacity building at all levels of Government,” Mr Oparanya said.

They include the involvement of non-state actors in government processes, budget making, enactment of strategic bills.

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