New law will keep drunkards sober

Published on 16/06/2009

By Maureen Mudi

Ever imagined being denied a beer in a bar for having drunk one too many?

Well, that might soon be a reality if Naivasha MP John Mututho’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Bill 2009 is passed into law.

Speaking during a retreat organised by the National Campaign against Drug Abuse (Nacada) at a Mombasa hotel at the weekend, the MP was adamant that patrons should only be allowed to drink a certain amount of alcohol.

“It should be in order for a waiter to deny a patron an additional drink, if he feels he has taken too much,” he said.

He also called for a law to compel bar owners to deny patrons entry when the premises are filled to capacity.

Mututho also wants local brews, including chang’aa and mnazi, to be sold in appealing packages, not the reusable bottles currently in use.

In his contribution, the MP also argued that alcoholics should not be victimised at work since they were suffering from a medical condition, but should instead be given medication.

He also called for the Kenya Bureau of Standards and Nacada to verify the content of alcoholic drinks to ensure brewers did not add ‘fortifiers’ to their products

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