Superbrands suspends status of Track it

Published on 12/06/2009

By Macharia Kamau

Superbrands East Africa—the global arbiter of brands — has suspended the status of troubled tracking company —Track It.

In a statement the organisation said following ongoing investigations and concerns raised about the ethical behaviour of the Track-It brand, it had immediately suspended the status of the company until further conclusions are reached.

“As such, Track-It will not be proclaimed or be acknowledged as a Superbrand until further notice,” said the statement.

Track It was awarded this status last year, but has allegedly been defrauding motorists by failure to fit tracking devices in their vehicles. The undertakings by the company fall short of the quality and reliability in service provision meant to be at the core of companies that have the status.

Mr Stephen Cheliotis chief executive the Centre for Brand Analysis, a co-co-ordinator of superbrands award system in the region, said that strong corporate social responsibility and ethical behaviour is a key component to being a respected brand.

Superbrands, is, however reluctant to revoke the status, only slapping Track It with a suspension as a superbrand, saying the firm is yet to be found guilty and the evidence is not compelling enough.

“Superbrands itself should not act as judge, jury and executioner and therefore a suspension rather than the full removal of Track-It’s status is fair to all parties until further evidence is produced,” said Cheliotis.

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