Folly of one team serving two masters

Published on 07/06/2009

By Standard on Sunday Reporter

The Government continues to post police officers as VIP guards and drivers though it was envisioned the arrangement would end this year. This is according to 2004-2008 Police Strategic Plan.

The plan was to have National Youth Service take over some of the functions deemed’ ‘unclear’ or ‘auxiliary’.

The strategic plan, launched by President Kibaki in 2005, envisioned that 5,000 NYS officers would take up the roles in four years, and the police-to-population ratio would then be reduced to 1:650 from 1:811 at the time.

It is now widely expected the Taskforce on Police Reforms would adopt the proposals and make them a law.

The taskforce, which is led by retired High Court judge Philip Ransley, is making recommendations which would include preparation of a draft police reform Bill to embrace comprehensive reform agenda.

Agenda 4 Revisited

The public, professional bodies and institutions have until June 15 to submit their memoranda at Bruce House for consideration and adoption.

The team will also recommend appropriate institutional arrangement to oversee the implementation of the reforms and review police preparedness to combat insecurity.

These are the first steps by the team into the long-awaited police reforms recommended in Agenda 4 of the National Accord, Kriegler Report and the Waki Report.

The taskforce will also examine operational structures as a guide in collecting views from stakeholders and the public.

The team is also looking at existing competencies, skills, knowledge and attitudes of the police.

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