Where is Hey’s commitment to the national team now?

Published on 05/06/2009

Just what happened to Antoine Hey’s commitment to the national team?

He spent a better part of his training time demanding that players sign commitment letters to be assured of places in the national team.

In the end, he dropped some key players over what is now turning out to be personal vendetta against certain clubs,

Then, when Hey was to prove his commitment to the national team, he chickened in the last minute due to lack of payment.

It is surprising that the German had already been paid Sh5.7 million as first installment and the second one had just delayed for a few days.

He had been assured by top government officials that the money would be paid immediately he comes back from Nigeria but the coach would have none of it and refused to travel with the team until the money is paid.

The German coach is known to pull such stints. He did it with Gambia and never came back after losing and there are fears he may not come back to Kenya should they go down to Nigeria.

Hey has already pocketed Sh10 million of taxpayers’ money and has nothing to show for it in terms of results or commitment.

The fact that he negotiated to be paid in advance also raised doubt about the sincerity of those who accepted to sign a deal. Why should Sh10 million be paid to someone to fail especially when many Kenyans are starving?

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