Antoine makes hay when sun still shines

Published on 05/06/2009

By Gilbert Wandera

National coach Antoine Hey was paid Sh5.2m to convince him to join the team in Abuja.

The Minister for Sports, Hellen Sambili, who expressed shock that the coach had refused to travel, said plans were in place to pay him after Sunday World Cup qualifier against Nigeria.

Sambili said her ministry was informed two days ago about Hey’s dues since they knew that the German Embassy was to handle his salary.

“We were informed that we would pay Sh5.7m for three months and then the German Embassy would take over. But four days ago we were asked to pay another Sh5.2m since the Embassy is not ready to take that responsibility,” she said. She added: “Since we got short notice, we did our best and even let the coach know he would be paid when he returns from Nigeria. We are shocked that he did not travel.”

Hey was to travel last night after receiving his cheque from the Ministry.

Sambili said the coach had told her of frustrations by Football Kenya Limited officials who even delayed his first salary.

“He said FKL officials did not pay him as agreed. They gave him a cheque for a non-existent account,” she said.

Sources close to the coach said he was issued with a fake cheque for $16,000 (Sh1,2m) three months ago.

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