Report finds police, Mutua innocent of activists’ deaths

Published on 03/06/2009

By Maseme Machuka

The police have exonerated themselves from blame over the death of civil society activist Oscar Kamau King’ara.

The police also cleared Government spokesman Alfred Mutua from his utterances regarding the killings.

The police now say unknown assailants killed King’ara.

King’ara was until his death the Chief Executive of the Oscar Foundation – a local NGO.

Also killed was King’ara’s programmes officer Paul Oulu.

The interim investigations report comes at a time the Government is defending itself before the UN Human Rights Council over the UN Special Rapportuer on Extrajudicial Killings Philip Alston’s report.

Police have also preferred charges posthumously on King’ara saying the car in his possession was stolen and had its number plates changed.

“The genuine registration of the Mercedes Benz is KAQ 360E, which belonged to one Richard Omwera, an advocate of the High Court whose wife was robbed at gun point on Ngong Road in July 2004.

King’ara had been charged with a criminal offence of obtaining Sh280,000 by false pretence at a Makadara Law Court,” read the report in part.

Outlawed sect

The police also allege that Kenya Revenue Authority was investigating the civil society activist over duty evasion amounting to Sh5 million.

On whether King’ara was linked to the outlawed Mungiki gang, the report could not provide any link.

“It’s extremely curious that none of the family members or colleagues from Oscar Foundation has ever attempted to claim the vehicle which had been used by the deceased for some time,” added the report, which was obtained by The Standard.

On whether the killings were an act of extrajudicial killings by the police, the report states:

“We therefore find it strange that police officers who had been throughout the day battling the Mungiki riots would go for human rights activists…”

The report concludes: “After taking into consideration the foregoing, it is clear that those involved in the killing of King’ara and Oulu were criminals whose identity is yet to be established.”

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