Let the flag fly on national holidays

Published on 03/06/2009

It is amazing how Madaraka Day is marked nowadays.

Imagine its Christmas and there are no Santa Claus drawings on buildings and no Christmas trees. The mood brought by Santa drawings makes Christmas.

In the 1990s, business premises from grocery shops to big firms had the Kenyan flag at their entrance for at least two days before and after a national holiday. Gone are the days when most business premises remained closed on the day till 1pm.

A walk through Nakuru town’s Kenyatta Avenue left me wondering where flags went. One can barely differentiate a normal day and a national day. Kenyans need to revive the lost patriotism they had towards this beautiful country.

{Peter Kabugy, Maseno University}

Kenyans have observed Madaraka day with little to celebrate. The President and the Prime Minister as expected were quick to reassure that all is well in the political and economic front. It is time to walk the talk as Kenyans have become sceptical of such promises.

Majority can hardly make ends meet as they wallow in poverty yet we have a bloated Cabinet. These are extra-ordinary times and they require extra-ordinary measures to change the course of the economy. However, promises that do not specify time limit for implementation can as well be told to the birds.

{Philip Mbindyo, Sawagongo}

With the dawn of independence, founding fathers of this great nation embarked on a sojourn of State building; a process that was to be continuous.

A reflection down memory lane betrays this process and echoes the thesis that Kenya is a failed State.

As a sovereign authority, Kenya has failed to protect her sovereignty from external encroachment. Uganda has been on the forefront in eroding Kenya’s sovereignty. Uganda has not only occupied Migingo but hoisted its flag and collects revenue from Kenyan fishermen. Uganda has showed her expansionist tendency by removing beacons in parts of Turkana. Banditry group by the name Alshaabab has claimed part of Kenya in North Eastern province. What is there to be proud of if you cannot safeguard your sovereignty?

Kenya has failed to strengthen her institutions for rational decision making. The judiciary has failed to administer justice. Backlog of cases haunt our judiciary 46 years down the line. The executive has failed to formulate policies to eradicate poverty, diseases, and ignorance. The legislature is partisan, ethicised and parochial interests have engulfed our august house. Kenya has failed to confer identity to her citizens –najivunia kuwa mkenya.

{Oita Etyang, Nairobi}

Kenya had a dream that is fading. We are killing the goose that could lay the golden egg. Why did Dedan Kimathi die? Why did Kenyatta and Kapenguria six sleep in the cold for seven years? I am disturbed when I see Kenya get foreign food aid. I feel sick when IDPs live like refugees. The dream of our heroes must be revisited. I have a dream that one day God will take over as judge and Kenyans who can’t afford food will have enough.

{Baroswa arap Talam, Nandi Hills}

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