Implement Prof Alston Report

Published on 03/06/2009

The row as to whether the report of the UN Rapporteur Philip Alston should be adopted is out of question.

The report on the extra-judicial killing by the police was long overdue and should be implemented to end impunity and uphold human rights as enshrined in the UN Convention of 1948.

The force has been used to settle scores since Independence. The institution was adversely mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry into Post-election Violence as irresponsible in how they handled post-election violence.

They used excessive force by shooting civilians with live bullets. They have been used to stop mass action, peaceful demonstrations and human right activists.

PNU and Government Spokesperson Alfred Mutua has dismissed the report terming it shoddy. ODM has vowed to send a separate delegation to Geneva to counter what PNU will defend when Alston tables the report.

You need not to be learned to know there are extra-judicial killings. Police Spokesperson Eric Kiraithe defends the boys in blue as a disciplined force even when it is evident they torture and kill suspects. The UN should adopt the report if they want to rid Kenya of impunity. We need to go to Geneva to defend the obvious? I hope Attorney General Amos Wako will be put to task as to explain why he has failed in bringing justice and prosecute perpetrators of extra-judicial killings.

{Rawlings Otieno, Multimedia University}

The report on the extra-judicial killings by the police and Alston’s recommendations on the police force is the truth. I wonder why the Government has rubbished the report, yet this is the painful truth that is in Kenya.

The extra-judicial killings in Central Province and Mt Elgon by the police in the name of fighting crime is true. While I don’t support criminal activities, I think the police went over board to kill and maim the innocent. This country has lost many young people through extra-judicial killings.

Even as the Government prepares to defend its position on this matter in Geneva at the UN committee on human rights, it will be good for it to accept that the police force and its operatives, including the office of the Attorney General and Police Commissioner, need urgent reforms to save Kenyans from trigger-happy police officers.

{William Andersons, Kapenguria}

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